Monday letters: Population density, using common sense, reasons for Trump to resign, and disenfranchising voters |

Monday letters: Population density, using common sense, reasons for Trump to resign, and disenfranchising voters

How dense can we get?

Regarding the proposed 413-unit apartment complex R2 Developers of Cincinnati, Ohio have planned for the 12.5 acres at 214 Center Drive, at present the field behind the old Glenwood Springs mall. The open space is home to horses, geese and turkey vultures, and is soothing to the soul upon returning home from the hustle and bustle of the city and traffic congestion.
In my opinion, this will not be affordable, low-income housing. It will be 1-3 bedroom, $1,000-$3,000 rental-only apartments. This is way too dense and not a good fit for the neighborhood. It will be a huge load on the infrastructure. Parking, traffic, noise and night-sky light pollution, combined with extra police, fire, hospital, grocery, water, sewer, gas, electric, schools, and lack of adequate public transportation. It just doesn’t fit or belong, as is evidenced by the need to annex and change zoning.
At the proposed 1.5 cars per unit, this adds 620 vehicles to our morning and evening commute congestion. R2 Developers of Cincinnati, Ohio say that the labor force to build this project will not be local.

From my perspective, this project brings nothing of value to our existing community and not to those looking for low-income, affordable place to own. I don’t see this project improving anyone’s quality of life, except maybe the R2 Developers of Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have been blessed and taken this quasi-park for granted all this time. It may be too late, and expensive, and I don’t know how you form a coalition to purchase or possibly lease. Perhaps a GoFundMe account.
I would like to see some architect’s rendering of the project in local papers.

Jack Kagay
Glenwood Springs

Nothing more important and precious than good health

As I write this today with a heavy heart, I want to scream. People wake up, wear the mask, stay out of the restaurants and bars, and think of the millions of people suffering with this virus! This is so very disheartening to think that Americans are so selfish and ignorant. I don’t want to think of my fellow Americans this way, but the numbers of cases and deaths in our country is telling the story! We are now the leader in cases and deaths throughout the world! We are no longer the shining light on the hill for the world to look up to, are we?

We are more privileged than most, living up here in these beautiful mountains of Colorado, are we not? My family is scattered from California, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii, and Colorado. Three of those five states are in deep trouble with this virus overwhelming them. I keep telling them that I wish I could transport them all to Colorado. However, I’m beginning to wonder how much longer I can say this, as the tourists from these most vulnerable states pour into our beautiful mountains for the summer.

I’m praying every day for folks to start using the brains they were born with and to stop listening to the lies of the president of the U.S. who continues to stay in denial and rail against the advice of Dr. Fauci and the other doctors and scientists who are speaking the truth of the seriousness of this virus.
There is nothing more important and precious than good health! Without our health, we have nothing! I will refer to one of my favorite Japanese prayers: There can be no: Sickness like Hate, Gift like Health, Faith like Trust, and Joy like Peace! Good health is a gift, which we are losing every day to this virus. Please friends, start using your common sense; wash your hands often, wear your mask and stay out of the restaurants and bars!

Linda Carr

Many reasons for Trump to resign

Ralph Nader’s latest newsletter lays out the reasons for demanding Trump’s resignation. Here are some: commuting sentences of convicted felons, refusing to provide information to the House of Representatives and blocking testimony, firing inspectors, firing heads of legal organizations, delaying actions to fight the virus, pressing states to open up that are now overwhelmed with virus, failing to organize a federal response to the virus, sending troops to push out legal protests, giving contracts to his friends, blocking desperately needed relief funds for people and states, inciting violence, assisting in voter suppression, breaking many of our international connections such as WHO.

It is more than likely that in the next 6 months to January 20 many more insults to our country will take place. The economic and health crisis will deepen. Trump’s actions only worsen the problems. Trump must resign. A movement to cause that to happen is coming together. Can you add your voice?

Patrick Hunter

Disenfranchising citizens’ right’s to vote a tool of Republicans

Voter suppression, restricting voter registration, shutting down polling places and disenfranchising citizens’ right’s to vote, especially in areas with high percentages of citizens of color, are the tools of the right and Republicans.

So don’t go crying about purported unsubstantiated voter fraud by Democrats. When we have low voter turnout, it is at the hands of the right, scratching, crying and sobbing foul. Do the research. This is just one more sad sign of the dubious QAnon movement efforts bent on overthrowing the Republic of these United States of America.

Mark Rinehart

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