Monday letters: Primary voting thoughts, empty words |

Monday letters: Primary voting thoughts, empty words

Vote for CD3 change

“Boebert is a seditionist, and she has committed an unforgivable violation of the public trust. Every day she purports to represent Colorado in the hallowed House chamber, which she so desecrated in her first days as a congresswoman, is an insult to her home state.

“The speech she delivered on Jan. 6, a day that forever will be remembered as among the darkest in the country’s history, testifies to her role in dimming the lights on American democracy.” — Quentin Young, Colorado Newsline Jan. 21, 2021.

Colorado Congressional District 3 (CD3) has a problem. Our lack of leadership in Congress impacts not only the constituents of CD3, but has a significant impact on federal governance. Fortunately, there’s a solution. The primary election on June 28 provides an opportunity for change and renewed leadership.

As a semi-open primary state, we all have an opportunity to vote for change. A coalition of moderate Republicans and unaffiliated voters will be the drivers of that change.

Leadership matters. On June 28, let’s vote for change.

Jeff and Thalia Oster


Context, please

In answer to Mr. McQuiston’s question (5/2 Letters to the Editor) about Rep. Lauren Boebert’s comment:

I am not sure of the context of her remarks. They may be unfounded or off the mark, but my question to Mr. McQuiston is: What does her statement have to do with being “christian?”

It seems as if he wants to place people in different groups, ie. LGBTs, Christians, fascists. And in doing so, pit them against one another.

Jesus never espoused or taught fascism; he emphasized and proclaimed the Kingdom of God, into which all “groups” are invited to come. If there is such a thing as “christian fascism,” it has nothing to do with being a follower or disciple of Christ.

There is much in our world done in the name of “christian” that has nothing to do at all with Jesus or His Kingdom.

There is no such thing as a “christian” nation; only believers in Christ who are Americans by citizenship. The Bible does intimate, however, that “this world is not our home,” but we, as believers, are to be in the world, inviting all people into the grace and love of Christ.

Eddie Piker


Resist armed tyranny

How can we consider a gun-toting woman to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District’s citizens’ needs? Why should carrying a gun into Congress be accepted as making a person capable of being a fair-minded legislator?

Boebert excels only in rude heckling of the president and the toting of a firearm. Our country is awash in blood because of people like her. The Republican Party is so focused on keeping the vote of extremists they won’t vote for background checks for gun ownership, and the result is murder in schools, churches and grocery stores and an armed insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.

Please vote for her opponent in the June primary, Don Coram, a man with experience in the Colorado State House, a person who works with others in a bipartisan collaboration; what we need in government. We must resist armed tyranny.

Illene Pevec


Supporting Cole for HD57

I’m supporting Cole Buerger for HD 57 in the June primary. Why? Because he listens, has backbone, strength and is not afraid to challenge lobbyists and those with extreme views either at the Capitol or in the district. He has the skills desperately needed these days.

Why is he running? It’s not to further an agenda by a specific population; it’s to find solutions for everyone in the district with pressing issues such as housing, health care, transportation, agriculture, water — you get the picture. To serve in this office, it’s very helpful to have a broad background and understanding of many subjects, to be able to speak to those issues — off the cuff, without notes — making certain that those in the audience hear you.

This district needs a candidate who will listen and assimilate complex issues. Cole has those qualities and talents. In recent forums, he’s shown his knowledge of state bills recently passed and proposed creative ideas to help those in our newly formed district of Pitkin, Garfield and the Roaring Fork valley side of Eagle county.

Cole is the right person for the job. Go to to learn more and cast your primary vote for Cole Buerger.

Kris Wilson

Glenwood Springs

Useless words

Our prayers and thoughts are with you! I’m certain this will ease your pain.

Did you hear me?

I’m repeating what’s been said after the last time innocents were murdered. Did you hear me?

I said my thoughts and prayers are with you.

When I utter these totally useless words, I get to do nothing. I’ll go home to have a Texas-size steak while you figure out how to go on living without your child.

Maybe I’ll have a nice big booze-laden martini while you figure out how to buy a small white coffin for your child.

Did you hear me?

Listen up, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

It all has to be a liberal plot; they don’t love their children. I’m not to fault here, don’t blame me. I made a commitment to speak at the NRA conference this weekend. I don’t have time to protect your children; not my job.

Shouldn’t every American own an AR-15, you know, those guns used for hunting people, not game.

Did you hear me? My prayers and thoughts are with you, it’ll all blow over, and we’ll go on our merry way. Sorry you lost your baby.

It’ll all blow over and find peace in our thoughts and prayers.

Annie Nicholson

New Castle

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