Monday letters: pumpkin surprise, 480 Donegan, religious exemption unconstitutional |

Monday letters: pumpkin surprise, 480 Donegan, religious exemption unconstitutional

Pumpkin surprise

On a drive to Ruedi Reservoir today, we were marveled by the scenery, golden trees and the beauty of our mountains.

But what got our attention and made us smile throughout the trip were all the pumpkins placed in the most interesting places along the road. We may have seen 25-30 pumpkins of different sizes and shapes all the way to the reservoir. Some placed in challenging spots.

We wondered if this is a family tradition or a community effort to make a beautiful drive into a “Let’s find the Pumpkins” outing. It’s a perfect adventure for kids.

Thank you so much for such a lovely, friendly and kind way to say hello to your neighbors. We need those gestures, now, more than ever.

Silvia Barbera

Glenwood Springs

Stop West Glenwood development

We love West Glenwood. It has been our home for a very long time. You know all the reasons this project must be denied — safety, traffic nightmares, inadequate infrastructure, no escape when the fires come, our welfare, our quality of life, lights and noise, water, waste water, schools, huge gridlock, lines everywhere and so on.

There are absolutely no positives to this development. We all know that residential development costs us taxpayers way more than it produces. Another thousand people with vehicles would destroy us. Please deny this application. Our safety, our welfare and our quality of life demand this.

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs

Religious exemption unconstitutional

There is a deeper problem with providing only religious objectors with special rights to avoid getting vaccinated or to avoid masks.

The religion clauses of the First Amendment were meant to ensure that believers and nonbelievers were equal before the law. If the legal system provides special rights for only those with religious objections to avoid complying with otherwise generally applicable laws, then the government is unconstitutionally favoring believers over nonbelievers.

Even if religious objectors had a fundamental right to a mask or vaccine exemption, which they don’t, that right could still be overcome by a compelling government interest. Such a compelling interest clearly exists as the government fervently tries to eradicate the pandemic by requiring schoolchildren to wear masks, or to get vaccinated.

One’s religion should not allow a person to contribute to the spread of a virus that jeopardizes public health.

Steve McQuiston


To the contrary

I take umbrage with the depiction of “a dozen” West Glenwood Springers “loudly complaining” about the delay to vote on whether to deny annexation of the 480 Donegan proposal at the Oct. 7 City Council meeting.

Many of the people in the room were there for the first time, having only recently found out what’s happening with the city that they love. Word is getting out, so new people are in the room at City Council meetings and thought there was going to be a vote, as the PI headlined in its Wednesday edition.

After we were ushered outside, some of us explained to these newer people that it was a good thing that Councilman Willman chose to delay the vote so that Paula Stepp could be present. We are pleased with his motion.

And FYI, there were more than a dozen people there as there were people in the overflow room as well. I certainly hope the Post Independent isn’t subjectively painting Glenwood Springers as rowdy, demanding people. We’re good citizens who are very concerned not only about the future footprint of West Glenwood Springs and the impact it will have on the entire corridor — but we are fearful that we’ll be sitting ducks in a wildfire, that we won’t have enough water, and that the infrastructure simply cannot take some 700 extra people 480 Donegan would add.

The PI is our beloved local newspaper: Please report the news objectively.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs

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