Monday letters: Restore USPS, open letter to Boebert, Trump analyses, stimulus needed |

Monday letters: Restore USPS, open letter to Boebert, Trump analyses, stimulus needed

Restore the USPS

I very much look forward to the turning over of new leaves. I can feel a softening. People are taking this new year seriously. Even Jupiter and Saturn have forged new bonds.

We have a lot to put right.

Laws to ensure clean air, clean water, soil, food, employee safety. My pet project is freeing the Postal Service from Director De Joys ministrations. He had slowed service before the election and is drumming up business for private carriers.

I want the sorting machines and blue boxes back, the office staffed at pre Louis De Joy levels. I’m tired of the long waits in line with frustrated people and the mail clerks looking overworked and harried.

I want my cheerful postal workers back.

The U.S. Postal Service has dutifully maintained the backbone of communication and commerce in America since its inception.There is a reason it is called the Postal Service. Let’s insist on its full restoration.

John Hoffmann


Open letter to Congresswoman Boebert

I am Jennie Sanchez, a United States citizen and registered voter. My ancestors were living in the United States when Mexico ceded our homeland to the United States. Because I am Latina, often my votes have not counted. Anglo voters block-voted against Latino-preferred candidates.

In 1993, I was lead plaintiff in a voting rights lawsuit that won for Latinos in Colorado the ability to elect a state representative of their choice. (Sanchez v. Colorado, 97 F.3d 1303 [10th Cir. 1996], cert denied, 520 U.S. 1229 [1997]).

You are not the voice of Donald Trump. You represent the Third Congressional District where I live. According to your oath of office, your obligation is to the Constitution of the United States. I object to your proposed action to contest the electoral certification on January 6, 2021 as an undemocratic stunt; you are refusing to accept the legitimate voice of voters.

President-elect Joe Biden won the presidential election by 7 million legal votes. The courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, the Department of Homeland Security and Attorney General Barr have verified that the Nov. 3 election was free and fair. Your refusal to accept the election results is not based on any credible information or expertise.

I call on you to honor your oath and to abandon your selfish, false and undemocratic plan to disrupt the certification of the electoral votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

Jennie M. Sanchez

Center, Colorado

Trump dumpster fire is over

The gentleman whose letter appeared in your paper on New Years day hit the nail on the head regarding what is waiting for Donald Trump in the days following his exit from the White House.

New York state Attorney General’s office is going after Trump for the charity scam. was set up as a charity, but prosecutors found that none of the money from that supposed charity went anywhere except into the Trump family pockets. And, it was millions of dollars, so that is a big one.

The next offense Trump has to deal with is involving payments to Stormy Daniels; if you remember the porn star who had an affair with Trump, then when she threatened to tell her story to the newspapers 3 months before the 2016 election, Trump directed Michael Cohen, his lawyer at the time, to pay her off. Trump’s signature on the check is in evidence now with the prosecutor’s office.

And, then there is the civil suit that is moving forward in January by a woman who claims Trump raped her.

And, lastly the Deutsche Bank deal, where Trump borrowed $480. million dollars without the approval of the bank, and now the 2 bankers who authorized that loan no longer work there. So, we could say Trump’s plate is full.

The dumpster fire that was 2020 is over, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately, there are still those who want to actively overturn Biden’s win. That will not happen. Even Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence are protecting the Electoral College. They understand the gravity of protecting our most precious constitution.

Yesterday, Lin Wood, Trump’s attorney, claimed that John Roberts, one our Supreme Court Justices is a pedophile. Then Trump tweeted it again. Any guesses as to how John Roberts feels about Trump and his attorney?

The pandemic virus will be beat this year, and I hope all of you did not get it, and I hope you did not lose a loved one to it.

Good days ahead.

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Finally figured it out

I’ve been struggling with a conundrum for the last four years. How could so many evangelical Christians, or anyone who purports to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, support a man as patently immoral as Donald Trump?

I mean this guy had an affair with a porn star and a Playboy model while his wife was pregnant. It seems to me a good Christian would pray for his soul, but would never want him to get anywhere near the White House. Instead, they rally around him as if he were a deity himself with slogans like “Jesus Christ is my Savior and Donald Trump is my president.”

After considerable deliberation, I’ve finally divined the solution. These people go to church every Sunday where the preacher dishes out a ration of bilge without, as the White House reporters constantly have to say, any evidence to support his claims. The man in the pulpit says Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior when he can’t even prove He existed. The parishioners gobble it up because they believe that’ll get them into Heaven.

So, somebody like Trump comes along with the same lack of commitment to the truth and those steeped in gullibility conclude he’s divinely inspired as well.

P.T. Barnum allegedly said. “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Obviously, there’s at least that many.

Fred Malo Jr.


Stimulus check really needed

I want to respond to Dave Reed’s comment regarding donating your stimulus checks if you are not in need of them.

I am a low-income disabled senior citizen. My annual income is barely above $10,000 per year. I am on the wait list for a new apartment building in Grand Junction that is low income based through the Grand Junction Housing authority.

It will cost me close to $1,000 to hire movers in March when the apartments open. It will also cost me just over $700 on my deposit. I do not have $1,700 to pay for this, but I am moving to be closer to all my doctors.

I do not know which charity organizations in Garfield County help people like me. My only hope is that yet another stimulus check will be approved by President Joe Biden by March.

I don’t know of anyone that would volunteer to move my things. I can afford to rent a moving truck but can’t load my things. If anyone can give me the list of charity organizations that can help with deposits or pay for movers please let me know before March. I will truly appreciate the information.

Janie Wilkey

New Castle

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