Monday letters: Rifle annexation, Glenwood Habitat plans |

Monday letters: Rifle annexation, Glenwood Habitat plans

Now is the time to preserve undeveloped space in Rifle

Ask yourself what matters most in our surrounding Rifle area; saving the few remaining wildlife habitats or packing cracker-size houses in like sardines? We do need housing for the influx of people. However, Eco Dwelling wants to overload our undeveloped wild areas with building high density housing in four locations. Two locations are OK, next to the hospital and behind City Market gas station. 

The other two areas on West 16th Street going up the hill toward the high school have been used by wildlife as a safe habitat. Even now, you can drive by and see deer grazing in the open field at certain times of the day. Turkeys have been seen there and foxes also looking for an easy meal. 

Most of this area is within the city limits and will be more difficult to stop construction. It is the lower area, in Garfield County that needs to be kept as a green, open space for our future generations to enjoy our wildlife habitat. Please tell City Council no to annexation into the city. You, the longtime residents, have seen the decline of our mule deer due to development. 

From April 14-21, Garfield County conducted a vehicle count survey. The results in seven days were 10,317 vehicles driving the road with an average speed or 35 in a 25 mph zone. Imagine another 60-plus cars using this road. 

Rifle and Garfield residents, help keep this area an open green zone and wildlife habitat. Let City Council know you want to keep some of our western lifestyle intact that Rifle is known for. Make your voices heard at City Council meetings every first and third Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Petitions to stop annexation can be found at: Action Shop Services, Crescent Moon Spiritual Goods, Idos Motorcycle Repair, Order Up Restaurant and Shanghai Restaurant. Petition packet contains information on this proposed development to include maps, letters of concern and number of sites.

Harold D. Martinez, Rifle

City should hit brakes on leasing land to Habitat in Glenwood Springs

The city is now going to do a long-term lease with Habitat at the Eighth and Midland location, thus avoiding any public vote. Had the city sold the property to Habitat, a public vote probably would have been required.

I have indicated before I am not against affordable housing, just at this location. I was always taught that you do not solve a problem by creating another one.

This will only make the congestion worse and harder for the Cowdin residents to enter onto Midland or Eighth Street. Before any of this happened, a traffic engineer should have been hired to forecast the future for this area. Council in the past had passed a resolution that if there were ever a bypass built, this Eighth Street area to 14th would be the preferred location. The city right now is working on “The Eighth Street Landing” project, which, if came to being, would only create more density. Habitat is going to go through a public process, which tells me the city is on board.

The councilman for this area should be out talking to the residents in his district and getting a feel of what they want to take place at this intersection.

Council needs to also produce any minutes (including executive sessions) of when this purchase happened back in 2005. If the city wants to do something positive in this area, clean up the old sewer plant property to be used by the public as open space and a means to access the river trail.

Don “Hooner” Gillespie, Glenwood Springs

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