Monday letters: Soto, vote!, support Glenwood, commissioners, take action, Soto and Robinson, brazen candidates, vote!, and Will |

Monday letters: Soto, vote!, support Glenwood, commissioners, take action, Soto and Robinson, brazen candidates, vote!, and Will

Soto represents hope and a breath of fresh air

I have lived in Garfield County for almost 15 years and have known Beatriz Soto for almost a decade. She is not only a hard-working young professional and a great mom, but she is also a dear friend who has always been there for me.

Like me, she is concerned about climate justice and the future of our county. The oil and gas industry will keep filing for bankruptcy without addressing the loss of jobs and loss of revenue in the county. These industries also destroy our natural resources and the health of our communities while heavily contributing to climate change. I know we also use natural gas, but now that we know the severe consequences of our actions, we can’t simply ignore them anymore, we have to do everything to fix this crisis. It’s time to invest in new energy sources that will create good-paying jobs while accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy.

Beatriz’s campaign represents hope and a breath of fresh air. She has innovative ideas that will lead our county to a new era with prosperity without the influence of corporate money. We need a more diverse Board of County Commissioners, with representatives that reflect the diversity of our region, and Beatriz can be that missing voice on the table. She will make decisions based on the well-being of all residents, not just a few. She will listen and she will act in our best interest. I hope you join me in this election in making history.

Maisa Metcalf

Register and vote!

With less than 50 days left to the general election on Nov. 3. Now is the time to register to vote! If you think you are registered then go check your registration, if you have moved in the last 2 years check your registration. If you are not registered now is the time. If you want to be notified by text, email or phone that your ballot was received and counted then go the website This is a state of Colorado website that will check your registration, if not registered enable you to register and more. No matter what your political preference the right to vote is one of the basic rights of citizenship. Use it or lose it!

Marty Silvertstein

Keep Glenwood alive and healthy

Oh, what a year we have all had. The challenges of the last 7-8 months, even for us retirees, let alone our local businesses, rivals no others in recent history. Not a news flash!

Now is the time we must gather and support our local businesses. When you don’t know what to fix for dinner, enjoy a dinner at one of our many restaurants around town. Or when you need a goodie for a friend, head to one of our nice, creative gift and clothing stores for that unusual item. And when you need a change of scenery, walk our streets and see what you can discover.

My message is simple, if you like the amenities of Glenwood, you have to support them. Let’s keep Glenwood alive and healthy.

Suzanne Stewart
Glenwood Springs

Time to elect candidates who represent residents

I would like to know how the clowns on the Garfield County BOCC managed to purloin the mitigation funds paid by the gas industry that were to be used to off set the damage caused by drilling operations. The BOCC is now using these mitigation funds to exacerbate the effects of drilling by opposing regulations that are designed to protect the health and property values of the residents who reside near the drilling operations.

It is also apparent that from the comments the Commissioners have made that they have no understanding of what the law of supply and demand means and how it effects the operations of any business. Due to these circumstances it is time to replace all of the commissioners and elect candidates who will represent the interests of the residents who elected them and not just the interests of the BOCC’s major donors. The voters can also invoke term limits by electing new candidates after a Commissioner has served two terms.

Garry Evenson

Action for the future good

Dear Neighbors of the Roaring Fork Valley, The future cries. Let’s take action!

While casting our votes is imperative, we cannot expect our elected representatives to create policy that can avert climate disaster unless many of us act boldly as individuals. The welfare of billions is at stake.
Here is one thing most of us can do: Eliminate the burning of fossil fuels to power the electricity in your home or business. If Holy Cross Energy is your provider, call 970-945-5491, or visit If you have Xcel, call 800 895-4999 or visit

It takes just one call, and pennies per month to make a material impact. The President and CEO of Holy Cross Energy, Bryan Hannegan has confirmed that every customer who joins their PuRE program will add renewable energy to the grid.

Take action. Inspire others. Build political will.

Please, take an action for the climate and let us know at

Jimmy Byrne

Soto, Robinson are qualified and committed candidates

Garfield county amazes me in its diversity of natural environment, people and talent. With the right leadership, this richness could grow a thriving economy instead of the unstable and stale one we currently have today.
Our current Commissioners continue to waste our resources and positions of influence. I am so angry that my tax dollars are being spent on legal fees to fight regulations on a dying industry. This is just an obvious indication on the lack of foresight and ingenuity these Commissioners have.

I want County Commissioners looking to our future, leveraging our talent and environment, and building the opportunities for growth and stability.
Beatriz Soto knows how to do this. Her background in architecture, conservation and cross cultural coalitions prepared her for this leadership role.

Leslie Robinson knows how to do this. Her long history in this county, deep knowledge of government and policy making prepared her for this leadership role.

I am relieved to have qualified and committed candidates on the November ballot. Beatriz Soto and Leslie Robinson have my vote, my support and my trust.

Gretchen Brogdon
Glenwood Springs

Brazen candidates be gone

The brazen man we elected President in 2016 was a newcomer to politics who has now shamelessly misled us on matters of life and death. He may also have set the record for the most partisan administration in history. Some of his most minds-made-up partisan followers may still be happy with that.

It’s likely that some of them are also happy with “Brazen Boebert,” the pistol-packing publicity-hound newcomer now pursuing purely partisan politics.

But what has our partisan President actually gotten done for Colorado? Beyond reducing taxes for Aspen’s millionaires and billionaires, what has he actually gotten done for our widespread congressional district?

Brazen and new may be exciting, but it doesn’t help pay the bills or build the bridges. I’ve voted for good Republicans, good Independents and good Democrats over the years; and this year I’m voting for bipartisan Joe Biden, bipartisan Diane Mitsch Bush, and bipartisan John Hickenlooper.

Brazen be gone. It’s time to build back better, together.

Nick Kelly
Glenwood Springs

Why do we need to vote!

Many of the early settlers on the land that was to become the United States of America were not “immigrants” needing freedom and care and possibility, they were explorers and adventurers and conquerors — English, French, Italian, and Portuguese agents on a mission of discovery and expansion of national interests and power.

The early years of conquest and settlement are tarnished with tales of war, and disease, and confrontation, and distrust, of power and domination and displacement and death. A review of the world today might indicate that we have not moved far from that description of life on this small planet.

Yet, United States Attorney General William Barr, who is supposedly hired by and working for all of us, is currently explaining that the agency he directs must be led from the top down (meaning Trump/Barr), and that one cannot expect the employees (meaning long term, experienced, committed individuals at the lower level of the agency) to determine how to manage the agency! His comment suggested that a participatory process of governance and leadership “might work for the “3 year olds” in a “Montessori School,” but such a plan will not work in the Trumpian world.

An honest review of our nation’s early history indicates a far less attractive history than the image of early settlers enjoying a shared Thanksgiving dinner with the earlier residents of the land. Many of those residents (Iroquois, Cherokee, other members of the Five Nations) enjoyed a well established system of governance and leadership that involved discussion, interaction, review, decision, and implementation of agreed upon goals! Perhaps we might learn from that vision of leadership.

Our founding fathers used the structure and ethics of the Five Nations to outline our structure in the Constitution. If that system can work for the Montessori students, which it does, perhaps it can work for the rest of us who are trying to create a society that can share different views but that can discuss, and trust, and care, and create a method of governance that works for us all.

The structure requires thoughtful, informed, respectful and diligent participation. The task right now is to become informed — read and listen to respected, recognized, and legitimate sources, consider impacts of your behavior and your decisions (do no harm), and make the effort to vote!

Dorothea Farris
Crystal Valley

Vote for Perry Will

Perry Will represents House District 57, encompassing Garfield, Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties. He was appointed to replace Bob Rankin who is now Senator Bob Rankin, SD8. Rep. Will was sworn in on March 5, 2020. He serves on the House Health & Insurance and Rural Affairs and agriculture committees.

Perry Will has an extensive knowledge of West Slope water law and rights. Serving on the Health and Insurance Committee has given him an understanding on the extent of the Coronavirus and the problems facing Coloradoans.

His 43 years with the Division of Wildlife has given him experience in testifying before both the House and Senate committees on various land, livestock, agriculture, wildlife, natural resources and various county and federal issues.

Perry Will has the experience, the community knowledge, the willingness and, as he said,”I like working for the people of the 57th”. Perry Will deserves to be elected as our Representative. Vote Perry Will for House District 57.

Patti Blakey
New Castle

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