Monday letters: Take a Minute, Cottonwood Pass appreciation, time for a change in GOP, save eagle protection zone |

Monday letters: Take a Minute, Cottonwood Pass appreciation, time for a change in GOP, save eagle protection zone

Changes begin with one

Are you driving dependent to get around town? Decide today to help this and every community connect with each other by respecting the posted speed limits. Take the lead others will follow.

This morning I spoke with a New Castle resident who works in Glenwood Springs. She shared that since the Take A Minute campaign, she now drives our community mindful of the posted speeds.

Grand Avenue bisects a tourism core, hosts our high school, family homes and countless businesses — who wouldn’t help ensure safe passage for all?

Commit to making the Daily Driving Difference: Imagine what our future might hold.

Take A Minute, think about it, Slow Down in Town, it’s a quality of life that we all long for.

Diane Reynolds,

Take a Minute steering committee member

Glenwood Springs

Gratitude for those keeping Cottonwood Pass open

​​I’m writing in to recognize and appreciate all of the people that keep Cottonwood Pass open and safe for travel for those of us that must travel when Glenwood Canyon is closed.

On Thursday night I was traveling back to Glenwood Springs while the canyon was closed. I was so grateful to the people who were out there directing traffic through the tricky spots on the pass in the rain and mud.

A gigantic thanks goes out to all of the people who are working hard to keep travel safe and possible for the rest of us. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Roan Marshall

Glenwood Springs

Time for a change

After affiliating with and supporting the Republican party for most of my adult life, I’ve decided it’s time for a change.

The two-party system has become so polarized as to no longer be effective at doing its job. While this is not new, when a person of Donald Trump’s character is the best the party has to offer, it’s time for a change.

The pandemic crisis provided him with a unique opportunity to bring the country together and to be the hero he so desperately wanted to be. Instead, he made it a politically divided issue. The right so hated and criticized the Affordable Care Act, yet in four years, his administration failed to produce a better alternative. Time for a change.

Any doubts that I may have had about party affiliation are made abundantly clear with the right’s continued failure to support and promote vaccinations, presumably on the misguided belief that defeating this pandemic during Biden’s administration would somehow be seen as a victory for the left.

With nearly 4 billion doses administered globally and an efficacy rate around 90%, it’s beyond irresponsible to continue to rally against it, as Rep. Lauren Boebert recently did at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, that crowd going so far as to cheer when a national objective for vaccinations was not met at a time when her own district is among the lowest in rates of vaccination in the state and, not coincidentally, among the highest in the country with delta variant infections.

This is ignorant and reckless behavior that puts everyone at risk and certainly not in the best interests of public health and wellness. It’s purely political and typical of her narrow-minded approach to most issues.

If Boebert is the best the right has to offer to represent us, it’s definitely time for a change. She promotes a platform of freedom. Exercise that right and make your own informed decision about vaccination rather than following this absurd and dangerous political rhetoric. Defeating this pandemic as soon as possible will save countless lives, avoid continued and prolonged illnesses and provide the quickest path to financial recovery for all Americans.

That’s true freedom. Time for a change.

Joel “Joe” Carpenter


Keep the eagle protection zone in place along the Roaring Fork River

I am writing to ask the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley for support in opposition to the removal of the eagle Protection Zone along the Roaring Fork Valley within Aspen Glen. Twenty-five years ago, the Aspen Glen Club agreed to create this important buffer zone to protect the pair of nesting eagles within the community. The property is now owned by an investment of the Apollo Corp., and in 2016 they allowed a camera to be placed directly above the nest, while the eagles were actively nesting.

The eagles sat and watched the camera installation and never returned to the nest. They were forced to abandoned their nest of decades due to human interference, which violated the Federal Bald and Gold Eagle Act. An employee of Colorado Fish and Wildlife approved and participated in this heinous act. I spoke to Eric Warner with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and he stated that states can uphold rules and regulations that are as stringent or more so than federal law but cannot approve or cause an act which is lesser than.

After the nest abandonment, homeowners upriver observed the eagles frantically try to rebuild a nest in the middle of a blizzard. Since relocating, this pair of eagles have never abandoned their roosting and foraging habitat, which surrounds the location of their original nest, and comprises this vital buffer zone. They are observed hunting, fishing and roosting in the trees every day. In fact, the owner of the home on whose lot the eagles now resides recently told me that she observes them early morning and late afternoon/early evening, but they are gone all day long — back roosting and feeding themselves and their fledglings within the buffer zone.

This habitat is imperative to these eagles. They require a foraging area that is close enough to carry food back to their fledglings, and if that is not accessible, they will relocate and may never return. As we all know, open land along the river is quickly disappearing, and if we don’t act now, it will be too late.

Lisa McPherson



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