Monday letters: Tipton, fireworks, Boebert, online teaching, PI editions, Democrats, QAnon, anarchy, BLM director, conspiracy |

Monday letters: Tipton, fireworks, Boebert, online teaching, PI editions, Democrats, QAnon, anarchy, BLM director, conspiracy

Tipton worked tirelessly for Western Slope residents

Well, now you’ve done it. Western Slope residents have lost a congressional representative that worked tirelessly for them. 

Scott Tipton and I were elected in 2010, so let me explain why the recent primary election could prove to be a dramatic loss for the district and our country. 

From the start, Scott’s business background of 30 years and his strong foundation of conservative principles — honor, integrity, and strength — worked well and made him electable. Scott worked relentlessly throughout the district often not getting home for weeks at a time. 

According to a nonpartisan research group he was ranked the eighth most effective congressman. His modest, gentlemanly approach reminded me of Reagan and Bush, both widely seen as non-confrontational but were highly effective. 

Compare that to AOC, who, despite the headlines she gets for being loud and obnoxious, none of her initiatives are being adopted into law … none. Isn’t that why you send someone to Congress? To get something done — not just to be divisive but getting something done. 

Scott’s focus always was on getting things accomplished for his constituents. His peers recognized that. His seniority put him in a position to do that. Scott didn’t work alone. His wife, Jean, was a force in helping him keep his focus on improving the quality of life for the people of the Western Slope.

So that’s what you lost — a modest, effective and electable leader who stood on his principles and got things done. 

Now you’ve done it, I wish you well this fall.

David B McKinley

Wheeling, West Virginia

Fireworks sales should be banned

July 3, 2020, marks the two-year anniversary of the Lake Christine Fire. As we all know, this was a human-caused catastrophe. But for the heroic effort of our first responders, this disaster would have been unimaginable. 

Current wildfire risk is remarkably similar to conditions on July 3, 2018. Although use is banned in Garfield County, the sale of fireworks is not. It simply defies reason that these incendiary devices will be purchased in this community but not discharged here. 

Under Colorado law, county commissioners have the authority to ban the sale of fireworks. Red flag warnings have been issued regularly. Drought conditions persist. Banning the sale of fireworks should have taken place long ago. 

Shame on our elected officials for not protecting this community.

Ed Holub

unincorporated Garfield County

A shocker in CD3

If you’d told me 3rd District Congressman Scott Tipton was gonna be outflanked on the right in the Republican primary, I’d have assumed his opponent was Adolf Hitler. It wasn’t even Eva Braun, but a rootin’ tootin’, pistol packin’, QAnon deep state conspiracy theorist, and shelter in place resistor from Rifle named Lauren Boebert.

Boebert is the proprietor of Shooter’s Grill, where evangelical Christians come to drink soft drinks and ogle hot young waitresses with shootin’ irons strapped to their hips. For some reason, that turns on the patrons more than if they were topless.

I’ve seen no indication Boebert’s knowledge of the Constitution goes beyond the Second Amendment. She overlooked the stipulation “a well-regulated state militia.”

Republicans accuse Democrats of moving too far to the left. Barry Goldwater said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” but it’s still extreme no matter what direction it’s headed. Boebert’s Democratic opponent, Diane Mitsch Bush, should focus on moderate Republicans, if there are any, who don’t care to be represented by a total legislative novice.

Fred Malo Jr.


Help with online teaching

As a professor of education — and one who teaches online — I’m concerned about the coming school year. As my wife tells people, I “teach teachers how to teach online online.” Translated, I train teachers how to teach their classes online, using an online format. This may be the best path forward, considering the looming massive and historic challenges to my profession.

I’ve dealt with a number of issues in my 32 years in the field, like difficult students and rigid principals, but the new struggles are relatively unexplored — how do we cope with budget cuts, student technology access, the transmission of COVID-19 and, most critically, keep students engaged in learning?

I can’t condense my “How to Teach Online” courses into one letter, but I’d like to present five critical components, and one piece of wisdom, to my colleagues preparing for August. I want to help.

The wisdom: I urge my online teachers-in-training to, if they start the school year in person, immediately set up an online learning management system and accounts for your students. Put one assignment on the system for them to accomplish each week. Get them used to that mode, as you build your relationships in person. If and when you have to shift to online learning completely, you will have relationships and the online system working.

The critical components of online learning: These five consist of presence (communicate with students every day), flexibility (students are struggling with new ways of living at home), engagement (there are tools out there to “hook” students into your lessons), feedback (make sure the kids clearly know what they are doing that is right, frequently) and relationships (make room on your online system to share interests and allow social interaction).

Educators, please contact me if you want more details on teaching in the online environment. I’ve been doing it for 12 years. My email address is

Dr. Edward Mooney

professor of education

New Castle

Sorry to see reduced PI printing

I was disappointed to hear that our local newspaper must reduce their print schedule to three days a week. The economic impact of the coronavirus has forced many businesses to make similar decisions.

A free press is a cornerstone of our democracy in keeping our citizens informed. A newspaper article may not tell a story in a way that will satisfy all of us. Reporting involves a human being listening to each participant and then trying to provide an accurate yet succinct portrayal of all facets of the story.

There are always nuances to stories that we, as individuals, need to discern. Hopefully the reporting is strong enough to keep us aware of what is happening in our community. News media keeps our community and business leaders accountable for their decisions.

The Post Independent has a higher readership than the national average for print media, and I think this reflects the high level of community involvement of our citizens. The paper will continue to report online seven days a week, but I look forward to the day when we will see a daily edition back on the street.

Paula Stepp

Glenwood Springs

Democrats have reverted to their roots

We are now at a cross-road. Ask the question of this century and posterity: Are you going to hate Donald Trump to the exclusion of your country? It’s irrational to think that everything Trump does is wrong and everything the opposition does is “right.” This will kill America.

Now Democrats have reverted to their roots. They naively believe that people, left in their innocent state, will self-regulate. Who needs money? Just print more. Who needs police? We have “secret” police. Who needs God? The state is the ultimate authority.

Democrats have no shame because they have no accountability, except to the “barefoot and pregnant” voters. Republicans take heed. Democrats are leading everyone into “the candy store,” a front for chaos. Hillary and Biden approve. Do you?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

QAnon in our town

I am sad and angry to report that the virtual cult QAnon, having festered on the fringe edges of our country for several years, swimming in its swamp of conspiracy theories and fear-mongering bigotry, is alive and well in our town. 

Recently, a small black business card with just the letter “Q” and a twitter account printed on one side, “The Great Awakening” on the other side, was left in a family member’s windshield at a local big box store. 

In addition, Colorado’s 3rd District Republican Congressional candidate, Ms. Boebert, is willing to publicly give this disgusting and dangerous movement legitimacy at the same time as she runs to represent the largest geographic district of our state in Washington, D.C. 

Please give this development your serious attention and concern. Help young people understand how this cult is dangerous and completely illegitimate in its baseless claims. Fight its myths and fallacies openly with courage. Please do not give it power by electing a proponent of its idiotic and dangerous ideas to Congress.

Trish Kramer

Glenwood Springs

The anarchy continues

The FBI investigates a Nascar garage door rope as a hate crime. Orange County wants to strip the Duke’s name from John Wayne Airport. And Abe Lincoln’s statue is racist? These are the liberal headlines.

Nothing said about 104 shootings and 14 murders in the Windy City of Death last weekend. Not a word about NYC’s 400% increase in crime. The media keeps calling destructive violence from all four corners of our country “protests.”

The reason is sadly simple: all those cities and the media are Democrat controlled. We don’t hear “news,” we hear a liberal agenda.

And we allow the anarchy to continue.

Bruno Kirchenwitz 


Pendley unfit to be BLM director

The arsonist trying to be a firefighter, letting a wolf guard the sheep, William Perry Pendley as director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) … all three are “an expression of a given speech form that is peculiar to itself,” states Mr. Webster.

Pendley joined the BLM July 15, 2019, as deputy director and has been the “acting” head of the BLM since July 29, 2019, with no individual officially in charge of the BLM since 2016. Last week it was announced that Pendley will be going through Senate confirmation hearings to be “America’s” official public land protector. After four years of stagnant BLM leadership, this appears to be a political antic for the voting climate this November.

The U.S. Senate recently advanced a bill that would fund the very popular Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), and the House of Representatives has introduced companion legislation. This legislation can address maintenance backlogs at all national parks — your public lands. Previously, President Trump had suggested cutting the LWCF by 97%, but has since reversed that decision. This initial action of the president suggested he did not have on his agenda protecting your public land, and now he will continue to stifle land protections by appointing Mr. Pendley.

Pendley, a previous president of Mountain States Legal Foundation (1) wrote in 2016 “he opposes federal public land protections including national monuments, supports land transfer movements in Utah and advocates for the selling of BLM lands.” Bloomberg Law July 2019

(2) In September 2019 Mr. Pendley’s name was still at the top of one of the two lawsuits associated with Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante. His name has since been removed from one lawsuit, but not the other, which is “peculiar” considering Pendley has been the acting BLM director. The president’s ethics pledge prescribes no participation with prior employers, clients, regulations or contracts. The Salt Lake Tribune August 2019

(3) Pendley stated “I am a Marine and do what I am told.” It has taken Pendley over 60 days to obey an order to rescind his interests that conflict with his duty as the single leader accountable for protecting 240 million acres of your public land. The Colorado Sun October 2019

There are dozens of incidents, quotes and writings by Mr. Pendley that clearly state his life-long professional goal is the transfer, selling and the collapse of America’s public lands. Hopefully, our government appointees that will speak on our behalf will not confirm this anti-public land individual. 

Rick Seymour

life member BHA


Which is the conspiracy?

Why do we see a conspiracy in being asked to wear a mask, but we don’t see one in people sickening and dying?

John Hoffmann 


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