Monday letters: Transcend separation, view the pasture, oppose Donegan, volunteer for VALE board |

Monday letters: Transcend separation, view the pasture, oppose Donegan, volunteer for VALE board

Independence, or interdependence

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to” acknowledge and embrace our interdependence. There is a human desire and need for individuals to strive for independence — a state of being self-reliant. 

Striving toward personal independence, a worthy pursuit, can overshadow the need to act in ways that honor our interdependence — the state of being dependent upon one another. From a higher perspective it becomes apparent none of us are as independent as we may think. The simple act of preparing a meal exhibits the extent of our reliance on others. It takes the coordinated efforts of countless individuals over an extended period of time to supply the necessary ingredients to provide adequate nourishment. 

We are endowed by our birthright to pursue “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Each of us will attempt to fulfill an inherent need to pursue freedom and personal liberties. The pursuit of personal freedoms and liberties will affect a multitude of others. Ideally, the impact will enhance the lives of others. The pursuit of certain personal liberties can and will directly infringe upon and may oppress the liberties of a greater number of people. This signifies the importance of recognizing our interdependence and acting in ways that support others for a greater good. 

We are social beings. We are genetically wired to connect with others. A greater sense of empathy can be felt as we awaken to the transformative importance of our interdependence. This maturation process can naturally progress to heartfelt feelings of compassion that will inspire additional acts of loving kindness. Such acts will help reduce the suffering of others and ourselves. Ultimately, as we make additional mutually beneficial choices that transcend our individual desires, this will create a more “need satisfying” life for a myriad of others. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As we do our part to transcend separation and self-limitation we will share more fully in our prosperity to unite a painfully conflicted and divided world.

Jim Coddington


​​View the pasture

All valley residents, please take a walk or a drive around the old pasture behind the mall in West Glenwood Springs, especially all of Glenwood City Council. Imagine what 330 units in the pasture would be like. It is mind boggling! 

Try to imagine 1,000 people and over 900 vehicles. We are tired of hearing the R2 developers telling us how wonderful these 330 unaffordable units would be. 

This is a lie. It goes against all the goals of Glenwood Springs — our small town character, our safety, our welfare, and our quality of life. We have been through the fires and the evaluations.

If approved, we will be trapped and some of us could die in the next fire. Our infrastructure is not capable of handling these impacts. Traffic will be a nightmare. Gridlock twice a day. Schools overwhelmed. Smiles will disappear. Water, roundabouts and the water treatment facility will be at capacity. This project just does not fit in West Glenwood; too much for our narrow valleys, and especially in the west, we need some elbow room. 

This is an extremely serious issue for us. Like planning and zoning, we are asking the city council to deny this application. Please join us at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 5 for Glenwood Springs City Council meeting. We need everyone’s support.

Also please join us on Facebook at West Glenwood pasture development.    

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs

Oppose Donegan development

The Donegan Road pasture development plan is too important an issue for the city of Glenwood Springs to be missed, and media coverage is sorely lacking.

Please be present to observe and contribute at the Aug. 5 meeting. This will be the second special agenda item meeting over this crucial community issue.

Currently, we are in a situation of unprecedented drought in the western U.S. due to climate change. The endangerment of the city’s water supply due to mudslides (which will be with us for the foreseeable future) in Glenwood Canyon has resulted in city residents being asked to temporarily suspend outdoor water usage. Shut downs of I-70 traffic either South Canyon to the west or Glenwood Canyon to the east due to wildfire, traffic accidents, mudslides or other natural catastrophic incidents are becoming increasingly common and stop traffic flow in and out of the west Glenwood area. 

So the plan is for 2,000-plus vehicle trips in and out of West Glenwood each and every day with vastly under-
represented vehicle density and no population control with not enough water and no way to get out in the event of an emergency is the plan for the city’s future?

How much more will be added with the purchase of the old mall and its property development?

These are only a few of the issues present concerning the proposed R2 development. Come and learn more and let your voices be heard at the next meeting on Aug. 5.

Carl Uyehara

Glenwood Springs

Volunteer for VALE Board

The city of Glenwood Springs VALE (Victim Assistance & Law Enforcement) Board is needing volunteers. The VALE Board provides compensation to the victims of crime and helps fund invaluable organizations, such as River Bridge Regional Center and Advocate Safe House Project.

VALE Board members have the duty of reviewing fund applications and deciding how best to disperse the funds. The VALE Board meets on the second Monday of the month, and currently the meetings are held virtually.

VALE is a great way to give back to members of your community without a huge time commitment. If you are interested in volunteering, please review the application and power and duties of the VALE Board at or call Katie Mulkey at 970-384-6500 with any questions.

Katie Mulkey

City of Glenwood Springs Staff Liaison to the VALE Board

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