Monday letters: Impeachment a sham, Glenwood needs composting |

Monday letters: Impeachment a sham, Glenwood needs composting

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The bad shepherd of my party, the Democratic Party, calls out: “Come out of your crying rooms to dismiss, discredit or overturn the 2016 election results. Arm yourselves with any charge to see if it will stick. Change the electoral college, find Russian interference, quid pro quo… anything.”

What is the driver of these narratives really hiding? Dare I say criminal activity. The swamp dwellers. Trump didn’t go as far as a Nixon break-in or a Clinton sex-job.

Insider knowledge knew that Ukrainian aid was in the pipeline when Trump’s call to Zelensky was made, and conflated the two as quid pro quo. Someone without that knowledge couldn’t have conflated the two; therefore, Zelensky suffered no quid quo pro as witnessed in the phone call. The whole fabric of this impeachment is reverse engineered.

It’s sad to see Democrats who can’t diagram a sentence on a seventh grade level. They are weaponizing ignorance to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the electorate. The irony is that everyone sees through this condescension … except those who are perpetuating the lies … that won’t stop, ever.

Let this sham be seen for what it is. Bring on impeachment. Know that the whistle-blower will never be seen because he only exists metaphorically in the form of a lawyer’s cabal.

The bottom line is there’s money flowing into high-level pockets from the Ukraine. Check out the source of “pocket change” of the Clintons, Bidens, Schiff, et. al. It twists and turns and trickles-down into the CIA/FBI/NSA. It’s a quid pro quo to perpetuate a status quo for the crooks in the Democratic Party.

Fred Stewart, Grand Junction


Regarding the front page Saturday, Nov. 2, “Turning trash into Cash” article by Matt Bennett. 

The reason there was a loss of compost revenue in Glenwood Springs is because it’s not actually compost. Glenwood takes the grease trap waste from local restaurants, car wash sludge, the septic waste from the Porta Potties, old ground up mattresses, cardboard, leaves and branches, and turns it into something that sort of resembles compost if you don’t look to closely. It does not have a high value for resale but is suitable to reuse in the landfill for cover. I would encourage anyone interested in large scale compost to go to Pitkin County Landfill and purchase what they have for sale. They take food waste, leaves and branches, from all over the valley and turn it into a Class A compost, highly profitable product for gardens and landscaping.

Its time to consider how tourism affects our landfill and the glut of food that can be turned away from landfill and put to use as compost. Glenwood residents need to demand that there are programs available for us to start recycling in our own town. If we can spend $1.2 million a year on bringing tourists here, we can also spend a good amount figuring out what to do with the waste tourists and our community create.

Remember when looking at this $80,000 the landfill is pulling in this year. That is a drop in the bucket to revenues produced by adding a Class A compost production that people and contractors and CDOT will buy on a continuing basis.

Jennifer Vanian, Glenwood Springs

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