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Over 30 years ago, as I looked at this world through youthful, idealistic eyes, I saw much despair. I prayed, “God, if you are real, what is the point? There are wars and disease. There is hunger and suffering. Innocent people and children are dying.”

God answered my prayer. Words came to me that I shall never forget. “Because I love you and with my love you may love others.”

This morning I walked up Red Mountain and watched the sunrise. I prayed, “I am so confused by all that is going on today; I am really troubled by the judgmental attitude I see and hear each day.” As I meditated on this, I imagined having a conversation with Jesus.

“Jesus, what about all that is going on in this world today? There are wars and famine, there is great suffering. Greed seems to be an accepted and admirable trait here in America; and there is so much judgment and condemnation.”

He responded, “A new commandment I gave to you, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

“How do I love someone who is doing something wrong?” I asked. “What about things like gay marriages?”

Again he spoke, “Do not judge others. Remember when I said before you remove the speck from your neighbor’s eye remove the timber from your own eye?”

“But scriptures tell us these things are wrong.” I said. “How do we know what to do?”

“You pick and choose your moral righteousness,” he replied.

There are 10 basic commandments. One says to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Do you think the actions of this world follow that?

Another says do not steal. This does not just mean robbing someone at gunpoint. It means greed, coveting what is not yours, taking and hoarding more than you need.

There is the commandment you shall not kill. All of life is sacred. Time and again mankind wages righteous wars against one another.

Three commandments are broken all the time by those same people who would judge others.

Why do we define our moral outrage so singularly, I wonder? We can be upset about the lifestyle of gay people as we rush to the store on Sunday on our way home from church, listening to the latest about the war on the radio.

We can be sickened by same-sex couples but not by corporate greed. We make people like Donald Trump an icon. We admire those who amass the most.

This self-righteous judgmental attitude must stop. We cannot pick and choose our moral ground. We must return to the basis of what Jesus taught.

What is the purpose of life?

To accept God’s love and with that love, love others. That’s all.

” Rick Davis of Glenwood Springs is a construction manager building affordable homes in Rifle.

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