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Wolves back in Colorado?

Are wolves needed or wanted in Colorado?

Answers, yes they are needed, but no, they are not wanted. I wonder if anyone knows just how serious the big game overpopulation has become. Hunters are aware of it, and I’m sure the Division of Wildlife is, too. And yet, what has been done? More hunting licenses are issued, but more animals are not killed ” just more hunters come home empty-handed.

Wolves are or would be the answer to the problem, or at least to part of it. Yes, it is true that wolves typically hunt the sick and injured animals, but the population would still decrease and stabilize. Another benefit would be that part of the animals with CWD would be part of the major “species” that wolves hunted because they are sick, especially the ones with the most advanced cases. Wolves are really needed back in Colorado.

Yes, there will be negative results, and I’m sure people will be angry, but there is a decision to be made here. Wolves: yes or no? That is the one true question here. What will be decided is a big issue right now. Toes will be stepped on, and whatever is decided, there will be people that are not going to be happy. Look at the facts. Wolves are needed and everyone knows in their hearts that they belong here.

Wolves are here. They aren’t wiped out. There is at least one pack that no one has had any contact with. Is there any true way of knowing? If so, how? There is no way to accurately say that every animal is and has been counted and the numbers are true. Or for that matter, that wolves are/were extinct in Colorado. And whether they are will never totally be known. No one, no matter how much technology one person possesses, no one is God but God. Therefore, there is no truly knowing if wolves are gone out of Colorado.

Well, my final question would be: What’s the holdup? Consider the fact that there is proof that there is/was at least one wolf in Colorado. Where there is one usually there are more ” come on, they are the example of family groups. My opinions will remain the same. Don’t ignore the facts, wolves are needed.

All you people who own land and love to see the elk in the fall, but when they start getting destructive, you call and complain ” like the DOW can do something. OK now I’m dying to know, just what do you think they might be able to do? The thing is, you bring it on yourselves by not letting hunters in during the seasons. You protect the herds, causing herd numbers to increase instead of being managed and decreased so the environment will not be depleted. People like this are also partially the cause of the overpopulation. The elk run onto your land, and instead of opening it up to hunters, you lock it up and then complain later on in the winter when the elk start getting destructive, so to speak.

Here are the facts, plain and simple, some drastic action is needed in this situation. Wolves are believed to be the answers; who knows until we try?

Well there’s the truth, and all the facts are there, so why wait?

Wolves: Yes or No? Answer: Yes.

Maria Lough, 14, lives in Parachute and has lived in the Parks area (Walden and Granby).

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