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To the Citizens of the 9th Judicial District,

Many citizens are very pleased Colleen Truden is our District Attorney. We all should be. Our streets are safer. The dramatic increase in cases filed, prosecuted by an effective team of attorneys, has produced a higher percentage of convictions. This is a direct result of a repaired partnership with your police departments, sheriff’s offices and other agencies. Colleen has directed a productive first year in office, an office in order and under budget.

The DA’s Office is under attack. You should be outraged and prepared to vote “no” on the recall Dec. 13. It’s time to act. A desperate group of liberal complainers still cannot believe their candidate did not succeed in last years’ election. Yes, its about last year’s election. This is extremely important. Don’t be mistaken. The desperate few have persuaded two “unknowns” to challenge for the position. They hope Colleen’s supporters will not vote at all. Their intent is to conveniently place these candidates into the office of DA. That is why I urge everyone to get out and vote “no” on Dec. 13.

Colleen inherited a mess. The prior DA neglected many things. Colleen was criticized for making necessary changes. To increase attention, this group accuses our DA of lying, of being dishonest and of having no integrity. The accusations are false. The allegations have no substance. None of the complainers can accept progress. They cannot state one fact to support any of their ridiculous allegations, not one fact. Should recall supporters be rewarded for their absurd behavior, their lies, their dishonesty, their lack of integrity? I say no.

Deliberate misinformation hides the fact most of the recall supporters are ex-employees who quit the office, their jobs. Now they want their old jobs back. The attorneys also quit their jobs and complain the loudest. No one was fired. They want to return the District Attorney’s Office to the way it was, a DA’s Office of indifference and inaction.

There is no need for change. The office already has an elected and qualified leader serving us. Colleen is an effective attorney and a good person. Just as she crafted a reputable law practice and served as an effective, popular municipal Judge, Colleen Truden has created a productive District Attorney’s administration. Colleen introduced vitality and progressive change to a stagnant office. She has reopened the office to the citizens.

Colleen has accomplished what she promised. Now is not the time to look back to the past, to revert to prior practices. The office has moved forward with progressive change and productive effectiveness. DA Truden has a great team in place.

Has Colleen made tough decisions? Yes.

Are they subject to criticism? Always.

Convictions are up, our streets safer, the budget is sound and secure. This is exactly the way things should be. This is why you elected Colleen Truden. With 23 years experience, Colleen remains devoted and dedicated. To replace this success with mediocrity would be a capital crime, making the idea of recall just what it is, an expensive waste of time and money.

We need to keep Colleen Truden as our elected district attorney.

Please vote “no” on Dec. 13. Thank you.

Frederick A. Truden is the husband of 9th Judicial District Attorney Colleen Truden.

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