My View: Trump bus running out of potential victims |

My View: Trump bus running out of potential victims

“Trump has accomplished more in six months than Obama did in eight years!”

I have read this line all over the internet and have actually heard it said aloud, yet whenever I ask for details, the response is always along the lines of, “Um … he appointed a new Supreme Court justice and … um … Hillary … Benghazi … um … squirrel!”

I blink and they’re gone.

Make no mistake, I am not asking for clarification out of smugness or to make a point. I sincerely wish to understand the rationalization of such a statement.

Six months into the Trump presidency, and the economy has continued slowly along the same positive path since 2009, when the stock market, unemployment and things such as housing sales hit their respective low (or high) points.

Giving Trump credit for such continuations would mean both Obama and Bush deserve credit and blame, as well, but we can all agree neither is valid, right?

In fact, Trump claimed just last week that his policies have added “45,000 mining jobs,” when the easily verified number is only 800.

Where, or better yet, why, does he spout such nonsense? Presidents do not control economies, but either way, I would love to make it through one single day without being stunned by his complete inability to behave and talk like a respectable adult, not to mention leader of the free world.

Anyhoo, look at the latest list of administration accomplishments (aka casualties):

• Mike Dubke (former communications director)

• Michael Cohen (former Trump personal lawyer)

• Carter Page (former foreign policy advisor)

• Paul Manafort (former creepy campaign chairman, but still creepy)

• Sally Yates (former acting attorney general)

• Monica Crowley (almost the senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council)

• Michael Flynn (former national security advisor)

• James Comey (former FBI director)

• Sean Spicer (former acting communications director and press secretary)

• And probably sooner than later, Jeff Sessions (attorney general) and Jared Kushner (let’s go with current son-in-law).

And swamp refilling has continued with yet another billionaire with the appointment of the New York financier Anthony Scaramucci (“Will you do the fandango?”) as communications director.

I simply do not understand how these can be considered accomplishments.

Comey informs him about the scandalous British allegations, and instead of using the information as a warning for protection, he believes it was to hold it over his head as leverage and then claims Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s office is rife with conflicts of interest

Paranoid much?

It’s like he cannot comprehend noble or simply professional motivation for any action because he himself is void of such qualities.

While we have pulled out of the Paris Accord and dropped participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (both highly debatable issues), the travel ban has done nothing but pointlessly tie up the courts, executive orders are little more than policy directives, and he has yet to sign a single piece of major legislation.

But, of course, he blames this on the most do-nothing Congress in 164 years, and it has nothing to do with his repeated tweets about everything and everyone he disagrees with as “very unfair to the president” and “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

There are only so many people Trump can throw under the bus before it becomes his turn, so can someone please explain how any of these actions can be viewed as accomplishments?

To paraphrase a famous movie line: “You people keep using that word, ‘accomplishment.’ I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, can be reached at This column originally appeared in the Vail Daily.

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