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Letter: Nothing left to ‘clean up’

I am Jean Alberico, Garfield County Clerk and Recorder, and I am running for re-election in November. My opponent had a banner at the parade in Silt with the slogan “McClean up the County Clerk’s Office.” This slogan insinuates that the clerk’s office is rampant with problems, which could not be further from the truth.
While it is true that former trusted employees thought they were above the law and took funds from the office, that’s history. I did the right thing when their actions were discovered. Each one was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and the county’s insurance carrier reimbursed the county for the total amount lost. With the help of outside consultants, the accounting processes for this office were reviewed and controls are in place to make sure that another incident does not happen.
My current staff is highly qualified, well trained and dedicated to providing quality customer service. Nothing needs to be cleaned up. This office follows state statutes, state rules and regulations as well as best practices while conducting daily business with the citizens of Garfield County.
The entire staff has embraced the upcoming conversion to the new DRIVES title and registration system upgrade rolling out across the state on Monday. This is a huge leap forward in technology for the county motor vehicle offices and we ask our customers to be patient with us during the transition from the old DOS-based system that’s been in use since the mid-1980s
Just another reminder that the motor vehicle portion of the office will be unavailable Aug. 1-3 as data is converted to the new system.
Jean Alberico
County Clerk and Recorder

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