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Obama for president

In Colorado, as in the other eight swing states, your vote in the presidential election really does count. We recommend voters cast their ballot for President Barack Obama.

As he has shown in his first term and in his re-election campaign, Obama stands for the things valued by voters in western Colorado: a balanced approach to energy development on public lands, health care reform aimed at making insurance coverage accessible to all, American jobs, and policies supporting women, students and small business.

The president’s first term didn’t live up to the high expectations set in his 2008 campaign, but much of the blame rests with congressional Republicans who stymied his every move in a self-serving effort to show him as a failure. It’s despicable that GOP operatives placed the party’s future election prospects ahead of the real-time compromise needed to make progress on issues important to all Americans.

In his first term, President Obama made some, but not enough progress on economic recovery. He didn’t push hard enough to address the critical issues of immigration reform and climate change.

But he did end the war in Iraq, set a clear exit strategy in Afghanistan, delivered justice to Osama bin Laden, rescued the American auto industry, and passed the most significant health care reform bill in more than a generation.

Gov. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has shifted far to the right to please the GOP’s Tea Party constituents, a move cemented with his choice of running mate Paul Ryan. There’s no reason to expect Romney to chart a moderate course, and we fear that his tax reform proposals will lead to higher debt and deep program cuts.

His pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act doesn’t take into account the needs of ordinary Americans, and his promise to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and open more public land for fossil energy development ignores the growing urgency to deal with climate change.

Both candidates have spent too much of the campaign criticizing their opponent, and too little time stating their goals and plans. But we feel that Obama has done a creditable job, particularly given the mess he inherited, and that he will continue to steer the United States in the right direction.

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