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OPINION: Colo. State Rep. Jared Wright – All bluster and no bite

Jim Hoffman
Free Press Weekly Opinion Columnist

When I sit down at my keyboard, it is never with a preconceived agenda of “Gee, today I think I will make fun our State Rep. Jared Wright.”

But, sometimes politicians just make themselves too easy a target and sometimes tweaking their self-righteous noses only seems fitting. Jared, of late, has certainly provided this pundit and others with a ton of material.

First, in his re-election campaign announcement, he sallied forth with pronouncements bordering on grandiose delusion. It’s as if a vote for him was the only true path to preservation of our American way of life. Modesty certainly was not evident.

Second, his fundraising letters raised the specter of a conspiracy likely of left-wing liberals that resulted in him being opposed not by one but two other candidates. That a Republican would dare challenge him was prima facie evidence of collusion, but the fact a Democrat also announced clearly sealed the case of a coordinated effort to deny Jared his God-ordained role. OK, that is a bit over the top, but the letter and its inferences were laughable and this is satire.

Third, in a recent Facebook post he stakes out an “I told you so” position regarding electrical rate increases and SB 252. His post overlooks several points, the most salient being that the Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), if my recollection is correct, did not oppose SB 252 and its demands on greater production of energy from renewable resources. DMEA for years has been a proponent of alternative energy resources inclusive of solar, geothermal and regeneration. DMEA has embraced the “new energy economy” with the understanding that the transition may require some additional expense as we wean ourselves from foreign oil and environment-damaging processes.

In the same post and ensuing comments, he implies that the loss of jobs at the Oxbow Mine is somehow related to “frivolous government mandates in competing forms of energy.” This is an awkward attempt to create a linkage between SB 252, rising electrical rates, and the layoffs at Oxbow Mining LLC-owned mines when no such linkage exists. The layoffs were directly attributable to a mine fire and the resultant loss of tens of millions of dollars in mining equipment. That loss made the continued mining not economically feasible. There was no relationship between that fire, “frivolous government mandates,” DMEA’s higher electrical rates or SB 252.

In response to a lady commenting on the mine layoffs, Wright said: “I’m fighting for you.” That is very interesting. Since the loss of jobs was a business decision of the Oxbow Mining Company, one wonders exactly how Jared proposes to fight for those laid off miners. Perhaps, he is a personal friend of the Koch family (among the richest people in the world) who own the mine and who fund many conservative causes. Maybe he can convince them to divert some of their political donations into a humanitarian effort to rehire those laid off miners.

Rather than continue to marshal his diminutive base with rallying cries warning of the loss of our Western Slope way of life, the threat of Denver liberals, and basically being against everything and for nothing, it is time for Jared to announce specific programs. I am reminded of the story of Oblio and his dog, Arrow, in which it was observed that “a point in every direction is no point at all.” Jared seems to point in all directions in his ongoing attempt to paint himself as a champion of justice against the dreaded “them.”

If it is true he is fighting for us, it is time for him to clearly state how he is fighting for us because some are tiring of his fight against “them” without any evidence of gain or victory. And yes, since he claimed he is fighting for those unemployed miners, his first proclamation as to how he is helping should directly address what concrete actions he has taken on behalf of those miners.

Jim Hoffman is a local Realtor and investor who, when not working, loves skiing, camping and fishing (in season). He may be reached at freepressjim@gmail.com.

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