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OPINION: JFK — 50 years of denying the truth

Travis Kelly
Free Press Opinion Columnist

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, and most of the major media are humming this old mantra: “We just may never know the truth.” But you don’t hear another of their favorite evasions anymore — “But somebody would have talked by now!” — because in 2006 a high-level conspirator did talk from his death bed.

E. Howard Hunt, CIA agent and Watergate criminal, had been a suspect almost from the beginning, when many noticed a striking resemblance to one of the “Three Tramps” arrested and photographed in Dealey Plaza that day, before being anonymously released. Years later, Hunt lost a libel trial against a newspaper that published the confession of another CIA agent, Victor Marchetti, asserting that Hunt had been in Dallas on Nov. 22. Mark Lane defended the 1985 case, turning it into a de facto trial of the assassination. He won and convinced the jury that Hunt was lying and the CIA had been involved. That verdict never made it past the local Miami news stations. Thanks so much again, New York Times, NBC, ABC, etc.

In 2006, Hunt was dying of cancer and had his son record his confessions, published posthumously in Rolling Stone magazine. Hunt admitted to being only a “benchwarmer” in the covert operation, but he named names: LBJ as kingpin over a CIA chain of command — David Atlee Phillips, William Harvey and David Morales. Hoover’s FBI and military officers at Bethesda Naval hospital helped cover the tracks.

Hunt had no motive to lie, and most everything he confessed had long been known or suspected by serious assassination researchers, including those of the House Select Committee on Assassinations probe in the ’70s that overturned the Warren Commission’s “Magic Bullet” fairy tale.

New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison (subject of Oliver Stone’s excellent film, “JFK”) got it about 95% right in his late ’60s investigation before it was sabotaged by CIA infiltrators and Operation Mockingbird press moles who started seeding the whole “conspiracy theory is nuts” meme in the American psyche to deflect suspicion from the agency. Although many powerful factions hated Kennedy and gained immensely from his elimination, Garrison concluded the main culprit was the military-industrial complex that thrived on the Cold War JFK wanted to end, by his steadfast refusal to invade Cuba and escalate in Vietnam. He had actually begun the withdrawal from Vietnam.

Only by studiously ignoring documents released since 1992 through the ARRB (Assassinations Records Review Board) and the confessions of other involved CIA agents, like Richard Case Nagell, can a mainstream media (MSM) mouthpiece pretend that Oswald was only a “troubled loner.” Marine Pvt. Oswald was recruited in Atsugi, Japan, by the CIA as a false defector to the Soviet Union, and was in constant contact with CIA and Mafia handlers until that fateful day. He was exactly what he said he was before Mafioso/CIA gun runner Jack Ruby silenced him — a “patsy.”

Ah, but despite all the confessions and documents — like Oswald’s CIA pay records revealed by agency finance officer James Wilcox — we can just never know the truth beyond a shadow of doubt. So sad.

Bull•••t. The conclusive documents that would satisfy even a New York Times hack are still being quarantined by the National Archives — several thousand of them, not for public consumption, even 50 years later. The ARRB has met a stone wall here — the CIA’s family jewels will likely never be released.

The truth must be suppressed, even at this late date, because it would be just too demoralizing to our ravenous Pentagon and spy empire, and the Federal Reserve that JFK tried to curtail, and the oil barons that he tried to control, and the Wall Street hustlers that he struggled to restrain…

If our country is in decline today, bled and betrayed by these same powerful vested interests, it is because the CIA’s Mockingbird brainwashing has intimidated too many of our leaders in both the press and our universities, all stubbornly clinging to a thoroughly debunked false history. If they had been in the position of the Unabomber’s brother, they would not have turned him in, but kept their silence to protect the family honor and left the madman to continue his mayhem.

This perennial denial has only encouraged the madmen in our secretive military-spook complex to go on a decades-long crime spree far beyond the seminal hit in 1963 — the NSA’s evisceration of the Fourth Amendment being only the most obvious recent example.

Journalists, pundits and ignorant actors (Tom Hanks) still peddling the “lone nut” myth or the “we just don’t know” hokum would really be happier in their proper setting — with the Ministry of Truth in Uzbekistan, for example. But I guess emigration is unnecessary after all, as they’ve allowed this nation to degenerate into a closer and closer facsimile.


Travis Kelly is a web/graphic designer, writer and cartoonist in Grand Junction. See his work or contact him at http://www.traviskelly.com.

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