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OPINION: Overcoming the ‘last bastion of liberal dominance’ in Mesa County

Jim Hoffman
Free Press Weekly Opinion Columnist

During the past eleven months, we have successfully won co nservative leadership of the Mesa County Commission and the Grand Junction City Council. The School Board is the last bastion of liberal dominance in the Valley. Winning it will complete our job in the Valley, and prepare us to take on the liberal Colorado legislature and governorship in 2014.”

The above passage is the last paragraph of a Sept. 15 email sent to the Mesa County Republican Party faithful by Kent Carson and also signed by Deborah Gaul and Ruth Ehlers. Attached was a list of 49 folks who had volunteered to implement the party’s action plan. The action plan was attached as a three-page calendar carefully laying out specific actions to be taken between now and Election Day. Carson identified the period of Oct. 9-16 as being critical for the success of this plan.

Between Oct. 10 and Election Day be prepared to expect a Republican volunteer at your door or calling you during dinner. They will be sure to tell you about how you need to get out and vote so they can continue their quest for complete control of the local political landscape. The amount of money and energy being spent on this election is again “unprecedented” in local annals. The local Republican machine has geared up to promote their endorsed candidates and prepares to create a Mesa County that fits their vision.

It is especially telling that in Carson’s email there was no mention of education, educational standards or any allusion whatsoever to the needs of our local students. The sole reason Carson et al. deem the School Board election crucial is to eliminate “the last bastion of liberal dominance.” One could safely conclude what he meant, and actually made quite clear, is to assure total dominance of the Republican Party under the control of a handful of zealots. Unfortunately, local voters will likely vote as they are told and will deliver more control into the hands of local kingmakers, the names of whom they do not know and perhaps do not care to know.

One source claimed that prominent local Republican Scott McInnis protested the email missive not for its tone or demonstrated lack of concern for the education of our children, but rather because it could reveal their entire strategy for all to see and know should it get into the wrong hands. Well, I guess Scott was psychic, but did he really think the plans contained in the calendar were surprising or secret? McInnis, as you probably know, has announced a return to local politics and is preparing to run for the term-limited seat of Mesa County Commissioner Steve Acquafresca.

In the last gubernatorial race McInnis was forced to withdraw as charges of plagiarism swirled about him. He was paid $300,000 by the Hasan Family Foundation to pen a series of water articles. From those thousands he paid a ghost writer who plagiarized an article which McInnis then submitted for publication under his own name.

Interestingly, among the many charitable donations of the Hasan foundation was one to “The Center for the Study of the Presidency to research how to create a better understanding between the United States and Muslim countries in order to aid with public advocacy in Muslim countries.” The Hasan family also founded “Muslims for America.”

Some, at this point, may accuse me of trying to stir anti-Muslim sentiment, but they would be grossly incorrect; nor is the intent to rekindle the plagiarism story, but rather to get those in our local community who claim that all Muslims are an enemy of America to confront their prejudices.

Their choice is clear; they may continue to maintain their “all Muslims are evil” bias or they can refuse to support a candidate who is so closely aligned with Muslims, or they can merely live with their hypocrisy. One could hope that candidate McInnis will repudiate any supporters or group of supporters who have espoused a viewpoint that paints all Muslims as extremists bent on the destruction of Christianity and the United States.

Well, there you have it, the local Republicans want to “complete” their job of eliminating “liberal dominance” without any mention of improving education and they want Scott McInnis to help them. Would somebody please help us?


In a highly sanctimonious and self-serving press release this week, the local Democrats have touted the need for bi-partisanship in school board elections. The Mesa County Dems have vowed not to write a single check from their coffers or endorse a single school board candidate. However, in the past, they have been known to write checks and tacitly endorse candidates and now find it convenient to forget they’ve done so.

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