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Opinion: Schools, guns, and robocalls

Jim Hoffman
Free Press Weekly Opinion Columnist

I find myself mulling some of the ironies of politics and the world.

I receive multiple annoying and illegal “robocalls” daily; perhaps you do also.

Why is it the NSA can spy on literally every call we make, every e-mail we send and every Facebook post, but the FTC and FCC lack the technology to put a halt to this irritation?

Maybe the NSA needs to stop snooping on the citizens in an illegal and unconstitutional manner and put all their technology to work stopping crime. Certainly they could easily monitor my phone (with my explicit permission) for a few days, identify the source of those folk offering to improve my Google ranking, print my business cards, loan me money and save me money on my cell service, and zap their equipment with some kind of phone killing death ray. This would be a much better use of their abilities, would direct their resources toward crime fighting, and would be an incremental improvement over ineffective “do not call lists.”

Perhaps it would be even better if we privatize the NSA; it can then sell us subscription services like Lifelock and such. They could then collect fees for each robocall operation they eliminate. A huge government operation costing billions could then be converted to a for-profit private company. Once they zapped all those illegal robocallers, they could then move on to other services while maintaining a vigilant outlook for resurgent robocalling scoundrels.


In a recent conversation regarding the Second Amendment, an acquaintance was kind enough to inform me “that (the right to bear arms) ain’t about squirrel shooting.”

There is certainly is a wide chasm separating the American populace on this matter. On one extreme side, you have those who would abolish the right. On the polar opposite, you have equal extremists who declare that any limitation on size, type or quantity of arms they may chose to acquire is an infringement.

They profess a need to have more and better weapons to defend themselves against the tyranny of an oppressive government. Invariably when the next mass killing involving guns occurs, they then promote the concept that government should place armed guards at schools and other public locations to protect us from gun owners less trustworthy than themselves.

I do not know about you, but when I think about this oppressive government visions of armed thugs demanding to see my papers comes to mind.

Is this the type of world in which we will be required to live to protect one right?

How many rights will be scarified for the one?

How is it that those who fear big government and oppression are ones to promote it?


In other news, a local group has been formed to protect our schools, promote education, improve test scores, and more.

It was recently announced by one Marjorie Haun; she is a local Republican partisan activist.

As leader of this new group, Haun is anxious they we understand it is “non-partisan.”

As for that claim, I invite the reader to read her posts on Facebook, letters to the editor, and such to determine if it is possible for such an obvious partisan to lead a non-partisan organization.

It is amusing the number of times we see organizations with agendas that clearly support a political bent proclaim their non-partisan nature. This foray into educational matters by Ms. Haun and her fellow travelers may be an attempt to improve the showing in the next school board election or to influence the current school board to more closely adhere to the desires of the recently defeated slate of “reformers.”

GJ Free Press columnist Jim Hoffman is a local Realtor and investor who, when not working, loves skiing, camping and fishing (in season). He may be reached at freepressjim@gmail.com.

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