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OPINION: Thoughts for you to ponder this week

Jim Hoffman
Free Press Weekly Opinion Columnist

1.) Mesa County has decided it does not want marijuana sales nor need any taxes such sales would generate. Mesa County does, however, want a portion of taxes generated in adjacent counties as an impact fee for the results of marijuana purchased there but consumed here, according to news reports. Remember a claim that taxes raised on an activity that violated federal law was, by extension, a crime and would put the county at risk?

2.) Local businesses rely on migrant workers to harvest crops and want immigration reform. We have not seen local “business-friendly” politicians and organizations voice support. In fact, we have heard nothing locally about immigration reform.

Facts are so damn inconvenient. A latest talking point is that Obamacare is turning America into “a nation of part-time workers.” Facts show that full-time jobs are increasing and part-time jobs are decreasing. Oh, one cannot forget when facts conflict with oft-repeated lies, it is merely proof that “the books are being cooked.”

Do not our “representatives” comprehend that Congress is Constitutionally-mandated to pass a budget and they have not? Their failure is what results in what seems to be a monthly crisis of political theatre to decide if we will pay our bills. How is it they can refuse to pass a budget and not be automatically expelled from office failing to fulfill the minimum standards the position requires?

Jim Hoffman couldn’t stay on one topic this week. Email him at freepressjim@gmail.com if you’ve got any talking points to add.

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