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OPINIONS: Lock & load – it’s hunting season and election season

Joe & Linda Skinner
Free Press Opinion Columnists
Joe Skinner
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HE SAID: It is that time of year for the harvest of nature, including hunting season. To me, hunting season has always be a memorable tie to my deceased father as we shared the outdoors each fall. In my youth, I was always looking for the biggest bull or buck, thinking that showed my personal prowess.

Not anymore, now, like my father did, I hunt more for the sake of companionship, camaraderie and becoming part of the cycle of life. Contrary to our notion that the biggest male is leader of the pack, studies have pointed out that the male with the biggest antlers and loudest bellow may be the best at fighting, but he doesn’t always get to do all the breeding or hold the leadership role in the herd. Animals exhibiting behavior to better the good of the majority more often direct the herd, leaving behind the bullying bull or buck.

Hunting was a celebration of the bounty nature gives us, but now has been desecrated by false ideals. What I have been taught is a holy event, has been marred with poisoned arrows, drunkenness, trophy seekers and butchery.

SHE SAID: You’re leaving out those who feel they have to hunt with huge clips of ammo or automatic weapons. I believe that what has happened to hunting season is just a mirror of larger events. So many things have become more convoluted, complicated, ostentatious and despicable. There seems to be no line of decency or manners that remain uncrossed. Our children are exposed daily on television to murder, mayhem, profane language and programs with themes like illicit love, betrayal, revenge, serial murders, etc. The pursuit of power, money, fashion and self-satisfaction are held up as ultimate goals.

Health care is another topic where those who bluster and bellow have run the business for the last 50 years. Their lack of care and compassion has caught up to them though. Obamacare may not be a great program, but it’s a huge step in the direction our country needs to take to assure even the youngest, poorest, and most debilitated among us can also receive compassionate and competent medical care

In watching “Ted Talks” with you the other night, I was interested to learn that humans have been found to possess a “compassionate” gene. The concern for others and the common good is evident in the herd animals hunters pursue as well as in the most applauded acts of the human race.

I was tutoring a student this week and she had to read about Andrew Carnegie, the great philanthropist who funded, among other things, public libraries in most American communities. He believed that business people have the right to amass as much fortune as they wish, but those who would be true leaders also have the responsibility to work for the betterment of society.

The same should be true for our politicians. Whether it is the politicizing of the local school board elections or the Obamacare/budget debate in Washington, they have ignored the rest of the herd to promote their special interests.

HE SAID: We need to support more people who believe in the notion of betterment for all of society. Those who only want to destroy the current educational system or the government or who fight against more equitable health care should instead put forth concrete proposals on how to change and improve dysfunctional systems. Otherwise, they are wasting their time and our quality of life.

If the end result of the current locked horns struggle in Congress is that we tell the world we won’t honor our debts, then they will have accomplished the complete shut down and humiliation of America in the eyes of the world. Those ends are comparable to the dreams of terrorists and traitors. The macho displays lead to the results that benefit only the few. It should be noted that animals with locked horns are easy for the hunters to bag.

SHE SAID: Hmmm, hunting season and elections occur in the same season. Lock and load those voting booths and ballots.

The Skinner believe that “goodness shall inherit the Earth” no matter what the talking heads, trophy hunters and media moguls claim. We all need to take compassionate action. They can be reached at jlajtls@bresnan.net.

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