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Out on a Limb: Many times failure is the greatest teacher

Very often a successful entrepreneur is followed by children who live mediocre lives or worse.

The one who built the business had a work ethic which caused him to sacrifice, be persistent and creative. That person saw opportunity and built upon it. People like that often fail, but they learn from failure and rise up better equipped for the next try.

These people will work for campus maintenance, wait tables at night or stock in a grocery store to pay for a college education.

The problem with the successful person is they don’t want their kids to “go through what I did.”

So the next generation gets a nice house to grow up in, has an I-pod, laptop and cell phone. Their college is paid for and they get a car to drive.

The end result of these actions by loving and concerned parents is the kids develop a sense of entitlement.

When a baby has a need, it cries and gets that need filled quickly. Many adult people in our wonderful culture are still in the baby stage. They cry and expect government or some charity to fill that need.

The Constitution of this great nation says we are entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and that’s all.

In the first place, the growing number of adults with this sense of entitlement puts an increasing burden on those who are productive. It also reduces productivity, thus increasing the problem.

The mentality that thinks we can tax our way to prosperity needs to be confined to a mental institution.

The person who believes taxing the rich will not raise their own living costs needs to have their right to vote denied. I think it’s called terminal stupidity.

The thing which made this country the world leader it has become can be summed up as opportunity.

Pioneers came into this marvelous land on foot or horseback, staked out a piece of land, lived in a dugout or log cabin and fed themselves off the land and homeschooled their kids.

Can you imagine what our government would do to people like that today? First of all, they would condemn the house. Then they would declare the water unfit to drink and they would fine them for burning wood because of environmental damage. The kids would be seized and put in foster care. I can also visualize child abuse charges being filed, and possibly cruelty to animals.

We would license the horse and buggy, tax the land and require proof of insurance. We would make him cut down a tree because it was blocking the neighbors’ view. How about a tax on bales of hay to pay for road rut maintenance?

Come to think of it, I’m glad the American Indians didn’t think of all this, or our ancestors would still be in Virginia.

Maybe I’m becoming a little facetious, but the point is, it was opportunity and motivation which made this nation great.

We now seem to be ruled by the elites who have no idea what really works or who really works.

They, the elites, hide their wealth out of the country. They force big businesses to go overseas to avoid taxes. They stifle competition. They lay heavy tax burdens on small businesses which costs jobs and income.

They lie incessantly because they realize how gullible people are. They preach less government but give you more. They talk about less taxes but then raise them. They tout energy independence and then shut down drilling.

Give us free-from poly-tricks!

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