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Letter: Pass gun reform laws

Isn’t it about time that the politicians in Washington bring back what was law in 1994? Aren’t you all rather tired of the rhetoric and nothing getting done? Aren’t you tired of the NRA and dark money ruling our politics? 

You bet I’m angry. I’m angry at the Republicans and Moscow Mitch who refuses to bring a vote to the floor that the Democrats have put forth on gun control. Good bills just sit there because Mitch McConnell chooses to concentrate on his money and his position, rather than the health and welfare of the country. What does it take, Republicans, as more mass shootings occur every year in our country?  Where are your morals? Do you have to wait until someone in your own family is killed in a mass shooting?

President Trump keeps saying it’s mental illness and not the guns that are the issue. However, our broken health care system has no health reform plan or anything in the works to address mental health issues. If a Texas mass murderer kills out of hate for a group of people, he is no different from a jihadi suicide bomber. Call it mental illness or extremism, it comes from the same place to the same end.

Regulate guns the way you regulate cars, License the owners, tag them, insure them and limit ammunition!  There are a million options for getting a handle on the problem of mass murder by assault weapons in the U.S. Republicans have done nothing, following the lead of President Trump! 

LittletonAfter 9/11 we passed all sorts of anti-terrorism laws that only deal with foreign terrorism/extremism. These need to be expanded to include our own home grown terrorists. 

Linda Carr


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