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PI Editorial: 40 days to be more kind

Self-reflection can result in a lot of emotions and regrets, but we’ve never met anyone who wished they’d been more of a jerk in life.

Less of a pushover, more likely to set boundaries, and so on? Sure, but doing any of those things well does not involve being rude.

And judging from our recent traffic woes and ensuing commentary, it’s possible we could all stand to be kinder, more understanding, more prone to forgive. So, whether or not you celebrate Lent, consider giving up rude behavior for 40 days.

While semi-truck trailers have been the cause for many Glenwood Canyon closures recently, we think that anyone who spends 10 minutes or more on our roadways during rush peak morning and evening hours would be hard-pressed to argue that most everyone could behave better in traffic.

Behind the wheel of an automobile, it’s sometimes too easy to think that we’re special. We’re running late, so it’s OK to speed. Or maybe we’re behind motorists we think are going too slow, so we justify following closely to help speed them along. 

But even darting through traffic at breakneck speeds like Mad Max is unlikely to make a significant difference in when we arrive at our destination. This has been the constraint refrain of the “Take a Minute, Slow Down” campaign by Imagine Glenwood for years now, but it continues to be something that so many seem to forget.

But even beyond the logical appeal of being a safe driver who follows the rules of the road is the more invaluable truth: treating others with respect and courtesy on our roads makes for a more enjoyable and relaxed experience. It takes the false sense of rush out of our thinking and makes us more likely to accept that we’ll arrive when we arrive. In the meantime, use that commute to take in the beauty of where we live. It’ll serve as a good reminder that, despite the hassles and challenges of mountain life, we are truly blessed to be able to call Garfield County home.

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