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PI Editorial: CDOT’s public silence on I-70 inexcusable

Post Independent Editorial Board

“Any updates?”

The question is so commonplace that it might as well be the new “hello” for those of us experiencing the frontline impacts of the Interstate 70 closure through Glenwood Canyon.

But no matter how often we ask each other what’s going on, the one organization that could actually provide an answer is seemingly doubling down on silence as the best “strategy.”

Aug. 2 was the last time the Colorado Department of Transportation provided any meaningful, updated information to the public. Now, we know progress is indeed being made by the many CDOT workers who are personally involved in canyon cleanup efforts. After all, the pile of mud and debris across from Aspen Glen isn’t growing by magic.

But how much progress? How much rubble has been hauled off and how much remains? Have engineers been able to go in for any preliminary assessments? Has a channel been cut away so the Colorado River is no longer flowing next to and possibly under the roadway?

This is the biggest infrastructure disaster in the history of Eagle and Garfield counties. Why hasn’t CDOT pulled out every stop to keep the public informed of progress (or lack of it)?

In the absence of information, rumor and assumptions grow like mushrooms in a damp, dark cave. While we’re happy that so far the rumor mill seems to be in “wait and see” mode, no one should anticipate that to last for much longer.

CDOT, you are the stewards of public infrastructure, “public” being the key word. You have incredible employees symbolically moving heaven while literally moving earth in Glenwood Canyon. Sharing information with the public goes a long way in helping all of us celebrate and recognize the incredible work they’re doing while also providing comfort and context for those of us who live here.

Absent that, we encourage those who live here to take the one avenue that might get some results: Call your local politicians and let them know that we deserve to know more about the progress being made in Glenwood Canyon. Call State Sen. Bob Rankin (303-866-5292), State Rep. Perry Will (303-866-2949), Rep. Lauren Boebert (970-208-0460), Sen. John Hickenlooper (970-822-4530) and Sen. Michael Bennet (303-455-7600) and let them know: CDOT’s policy of keeping the public in the dark is unacceptable.

The Post Independent editorial board members are Publisher Bryce Jacobson, Editor Peter Baumann, Managing Editor/Senior Reporter John Stroud, and community representatives Amy Connerton and Karl Oelke.

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