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PI Editorial: Pandemic still not over; don’t let your guard down during holidays

Post Independent Editorial Board

Not that we needed one, but omicron’s appearance in Garfield County should serve as a reminder to all of us that the pandemic isn’t over.

As tired as many of us are of making considerations for the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s the reality we continue to face as we approach the two-year mark for when it began.

The good news is we have much more knowledge and many more tools available to us to help keep ourselves and others around us safe. Vaccines can both help prevent disease and, failing that, lower the chances of becoming severely ill if we do come down with COVID-19. And boosters will help keep us protected through the holiday season.

If you haven’t received a booster and are due one, we encourage you to do so for maximum protection.

There is also plenty of information available from reliable sources about the effectiveness and any potential risks related to vaccination so people can make as informed a decision as possible for them and their loved ones.

For those who haven’t had a chance to get one yet, Garfield County Public Health has a number of free clinics scheduled now through the new year. Info at Garfield-County.com/public-health/covid-19-vaccine/.

We have another highly effective prevention tool with masks — FDA-approved N95 masks are also more readily available nowadays for those seeking a higher level of protection.

But one of the best tools we have is free, fast testing throughout the Roaring Fork Valley — anyone can schedule a free test at RFVCovidTest.com to check before and after their holiday travels.

For those who continue to be skeptical about the seriousness of the pandemic or the safety or effectiveness of prevention measures such as masks and vaccines, we’d just encourage you to keep listening and be willing to change your mind as we all learn more.

None of this is fun, but it’s what we can do as we continue to navigate our way as best as possible through the pandemic — and hopefully come to a day soon where the pandemic weighs less on all our minds.

The Post Independent editorial board members are Publisher Bryce Jacobson, Editor Peter Baumann, Managing Editor/Senior Reporter John Stroud, and community representatives Mark Fishbein and Danielle Becker.

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