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Folks should really think through the ironic, hypocritical implications of some bumper stickers before putting them on their vehicles. This especially hit home for me last week when a Ford Excursion with Colorado plates blasted past me and a bunch of other vehicles on Highway 82. You know what an Excursion is: one of those gargantuan vehicles that gets about 12 miles per gallon. Not that theres anything wrong with an Excursion if youre filling it up with people and/or materials whenever you drive it; in this instance though, it looked like just two people were inside.Anywho, we were all cruising through a wildlife crossing area (the one with the big lit-up signs that instruct drivers to slow down between Glenwood and Carbondale), when the aforementioned Excursion came racing through. Ironically, on the behemoths backside was a bumper sticker that proclaimed: Save an elk. Shoot a land developer. Hmmm, I thought, as the vehicle roared past. Then I started dissecting the sticker, the car and this little hypocritical situation: Here we are in a wildlife crossing zone with traffic signs warning drivers to be careful and slow down. Here comes a gas-guzzling monster that could easily destroy anything elk or otherwise that got in its path, especially at high speeds. So, how about this: Saving an elk might also include not speeding through a wildlife crossing area. Lets consider the land developer comment. I wonder where the driver of this vehicle lives? He or she has to live somewhere, and wherever that is, by his/her existence, the person limits the amount of land available to wildlife. He/she very well might live in a housing development or they might own a good chunk of land that has left elk and other wild animals even less room than a house in a housing project does. At what point did fences shoot up around Colorados borders permitting some residents to live here, shunning everyone else? Everybody had to come from somewhere to be here now, including the owner of said Excursion. Land developers develop land because of us.Certainly, good and bad land developers exist who create both favorable and irresponsible commercial and residential projects. To pretend that each of us isnt part of the overall problem, however, is to miss an essential ingredient to the big picture. Our existence, and our over-the-top consumption of our resources, are as much to blame as land developers who provide homes, buildings and infrastructure for us. Maybe, then, a better bumper sticker might be, Save an elk. Stop speeding through wildlife crossing zones, driving big gas-guzzlers by yourself and blaming other people for what youre partially responsible for. Whaddaya think? Carrie Click is the editor and general manager of The Citizen Telegram, Rifles hometown weekly newspaper. Carrie is a hypocrite, but at least she knows it.

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