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Roads are something we all use. Some are in better shape than others, but they all will need to be repaired at some point. As in any city, there are roads in Glenwood Springs that are currently in disrepair. There are also planned road projects that could help ease traffic congestion around the city.

Whether those projects get a green light or the roads in disrepair get fixed depends on Glenwood Springs voters.

If passed, Ballot Question 2A would result in a 1⁄2-cent sales tax increase over the next 20 years. However, the net impact on taxpayers would be less because a 1⁄4-cent transportation tax expires at the end of this year. Money from the sales tax increase would be used for overall road improvements.

The city of Glenwood Springs estimates that it’s facing $89 million in future road construction costs. The issue really falls into the pay-now or pay-more-later category.

Many roads in Glenwood Springs will need to be fixed and the longer the wait, the higher the price tag will be. The same goes for street projects, including the plan to extend Eighth Street from downtown toward Midland Avenue.

The increase would be a minimal cost. It’s also a tax that will impact a large portion of non-Glenwood residents. The same people who use the city’s roads on their daily commute or during shopping trips. Glenwood is a high-traffic area and wear and tear on the roads is inevitable. Traffic projects like the Eighth Street extension will benefit motorists and ease some of the traffic congestion.

Ballot Question 2A makes sense. The increase is small and much of the revenue will come from people who use the city’s streets but don’t live in Glenwood. People who use Glenwood’s roads and shop in Glenwood should also be responsible for paying for some of the road improvements.

A “yes” vote on Ballot Question 2A is a small price to pay for road improvements and street projects that will help the city and benefit motorists.

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