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Letter: Proposition CC makes good sense

CC asks voters to decide if they would prefer to forgo nominal refunds during years of budget surpluses, and instead allow the state to use unspent monies to address needs regarding roads and education.

To illustrate need in education, according to the magazine “Governing,” the U.S. Census Bureau ranked Colorado 39th nationally in per-pupil spending for public elementary and high schools in 2016, reflecting an expenditure about $2,200 less per student than the national average. A stronger public school system, and an improved infrastructure, can only benefit all Coloradans.

CC is not a tax. Tax rates aren’t being raised and voters will still be asked to approve future tax increases if Prop CC passes as TABOR contemplates. In addition, a yearly audit provision allows taxpayers to track how surpluses are spent.

For these reasons, Proposition CC is deserving of taxpayers’ support.
Joyce L. Jenkins,
Glenwood Springs

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