Readers Say Thanks |

Readers Say Thanks

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t believe we can say it enough. Thank you. We want to give everyone who participated in saving our home and containing (eventually putting out) the fire, as well as those who came to give support, a heartfelt thank-you.Some of those who we would like to thank are God for His Divine protection; Pastor Mark and Pastor Tasha Bintliff and our church family for all the prayers; our neighbors Stacy and Mark Bosworth, Craig and Lisa Schultz and Ron and Karen Nadon; people that stopped on their way home from work, Dave Reichardt, Chelsea Davis, Rhi Pappus and Kathleen Degall.Last but nowhere near least, Burning Mountains Fire District, the gentlemen that stayed in our driveway into the early morning hours, all the Bureau of Land Management firefighters, the smokejumpers, the helicopter pilots and the slurry bomber.And to anyone and everyone that we may not have mentioned … thank you! The Fetchik FamilyPhil, Margie, Sarah, Phillip and NicholasNew Castle

Thank you from Zach Schwartz’s family. Thank you for your prayers, for what you did, a note, a poem, a card, a hug, a kiss, a gift, a phone call, a story, your time, the delicious food, money, money you spent, flowers, pictures, and for loving our Zach so much! We are so thankful for you, and we love you all. Danielle WoodwardLittleton

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