Readers say thanks |

Readers say thanks

Thank you everyone for making someone’s dream come true. Saturday someone called her an “Older Hoitsie Toitsie Redhead Chic from California that wanted to come in and change the festival all around!” I know her, as do many of you, as Patti Reich. For those of you that don’t know Patti, she has been coming to New Castle since she was just a very little girl and has always longed to live here and be part of this great community. Her grandparents, great grandparents, parents, cousins, and uncles – many of her family members are from here or still live here. Our Grand Marshal of this years parade, Pete Mattivi, is Patti’s uncle. She has been coming to this festival for years and has dreamed of one day being a part of this event. Well, it happened she chaired this year’s Burning Mountain Festival in New Castle. Patti, the New Castle Chamber of Commerce wants to give you a very special thank-you for making this a very successful event. Your tireless effort in making this fun, exciting, different and new for everyone will go unmatched for a long time. So, “Not too shabby” for a “Redheaded Chic from California,” who now is a New Castle resident and a great asset to our community.Bill Pugh President New Castle Chamber of CommerceMo Maznio Vice PresidentNeva Hiscock Secretary, Treasure

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