Readers Say Thanks |

Readers Say Thanks

Dear Editor:I want to take this opportunity on behalf of Jeannie Miller’s family to thank the people of this valley for the way so many have reached out to them during these difficult days of Jeannie’s battle with ovarian cancer. The love and support they have received has been a great source of encouragement to them. Because so many friends have asked about her progress, Frank and Jeannie’s son, Chadd, has set up a Web site that he will update daily, so that those who want to know how Jeannie is doing and what specific prayer needs there are can easily find out. There is also opportunity there in the guestbook to send messages of love and encouragement to Jeannie and the family. The site is simply Thank you for helping me get the word out, so that we can all continue to support this family that has given so much to our valley for many years and that we love so very much.JoAnn WarringtonGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor: Four years ago on the night of August 26, my friend was attacked in the streets of Carbondale while walking the few blocks between her work and her home. This week, her assailant was sentenced to 18 months in prison and two years parole. Justice prevailed.The events leading to the assailant’s conviction were the result of helpful members of our community. I would like to thank them.Thank you to the Carbondale Police Department, especially Officer Dave Moreno, who pursued the identity of the attacker after he assaulted my friend and repeatedly threatened to kill her. She would still be looking over her shoulder had the authorities given up their search.Thank you to District Attorney Mac Myers, who resurrected the case after it was initially dismissed by his office. Thank you to attorney Calvin Lee for convincing the DA to do the right thing. No one from the court system had spoken with my friend before deciding the case was not worth prosecuting. I am grateful for her sake and the safety of the community that violent assault was not considered insignificant by all of the court authorities.Thank you to the New Mexico State Patrol, who apprehended the assailant 18 months after he had fled bail to Mexico and then re-entered the States.Thank you to Jeff Cheney, the deputy district attorney of Garfield County, who handled the last phase of this case with sensitivity and tenacity. He focused his full attention and provided assistance beyond the perfunctory call of duty.Thank you to counselor Judy Martin for her positive and helpful guidance and support. Thank you to Judge Petrie who did not allow unacceptable dangerous behavior to go unpunished.Four years is a very long time for a victim to maintain grace, poise, and presence of mind while dealing with our complicated legal system. My friend is the same sweet and loving person she was before she was attacked. Her freedom of movement without fear is now somewhat restricted, her faith in the innocence of her community diminished. I know she will prevail. She already has. Nancy Crenshaw Glenwood Springs

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