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Recent Weddings

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Charles J. Trujillo and Joann Jody Whitman, of Parachute, June 16, 2007Gerardo Rivas and Tammi Spring Romas, of Parachute, June 3, 2007Eric John Linter and Lisa Jean Montano, of Glenwood Springs, June 21, 2007Adam Michael Beal and Stephanie Kristin Jensen, of Glenwood Springs, June 8, 2007David Kenneth Stoltzfus and Elisabeth Getzen Roginski, of Glenwood Springs, June 16, 2007Michael Steven J. Houghton and Tawnya Michelle Boyer, of Maricopa, Ariz., June 23, 2007Robert O’Neal Glover and Kelley Jane Brooks, of Carbondale, June 16, 2007Brenden P. Dillon and Sarah J. Stark, of Parachute, June 16, 2007Samuel J. Leonardi and Felicia A. Arroyo, of Rifle, June 23, 2007Brandon Morgan and Grace Shiflett, of Pagosa Springs, June 27, 2007Robert John Westrum and Leann Marie Posey, of Silt, June 21, 2007Timothy Matthew Fautsko and Jennifer Leigh Noah, of Glenwood Springs, June 2, 2007Zachariah Aaron Martin and Victoria Elizabeth Rung, of New Castle, June 23, 2007Jonathan Frederick Lenard and Kalyn Anne Karnan, of Fremont, Calif., June 23, 2007Nathan Ross Lenard and Michele Lee Sewell, of Parachute, June 21, 2007

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