Refocus your path to weight loss |

Refocus your path to weight loss

Still immersed in holidays, I already hear of healthier habits and resolutions. Like a new season and a new year, positive change arrives.For many, their goal is weight loss. Some people specify pounds they wish to lose. In the process of setting goals and taking action, consider this different approach to weight loss.If you want your weight to get off and stay off, without a struggle, consider this successful method. Rather than defining your new health in terms of numbers on a scale, rethink the means to the end.Think of weight loss as your end result. How are you going to get there? Exercise and nutritious eating will be imperative. Think about what it will require to lose weight from your current lifestyle.Next, think deeper about the other health benefits that you will achieve along your journey. These benefits should be the foundation of your weight loss plan.Some of the benefits of exercise and nutritious eating include: more energy, better sleep, boosted confidence, greater creativity and motivation, easier movement and reduced stress.The list of benefits is endless. Without regular exercise and nutritious eating, you cannot acquire these health benefits, or resist the physical effects of aging. Interestingly, amazing health is only possible through natural, simple methods. When you view exercise and nutrition as health investments, they have the greatest return on investment possible!The secret to this weight loss plan is shockingly simple. If you focus on the many benefits found in the journey, the weight creeps away as a new person emerges. The adventure becomes suspenseful. Lighten up, while becoming fulfilled.Caution: If you lack vision of the benefits and action steps, you will struggle with your weight forever. When you obsess about numbers on a scale, your vision blurs. Your steps become frustrations.For achieving weight loss, energy coach Jon Gordon suggests focusing on “increasing your energy and creating a lifestyle filled with positive energy. When you find your energy, the weight will come off naturally. So don’t go for the ads promoting pills … (Instead) reduce stress, increase your energy, and accomplish the same results for free.”If you have visited a supermarket in recent years, you noticed that fattening of the weight loss products aisle. If we want healthy bodies, then we must spend our time in places that naturally reveal our energy, free movement, better rest, stronger relationships, and the many other discoveries hidden in the journey!Nina Schnipper provides Massage, Nutrition & Weight Control programs, and Fitness Training. Her column, “Anti-Aging Secrets” occasionally appears in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. Contact Nina at 948-0179.

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