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Letter: Return of Beeson?

It has been rumored in the local criminal bar that DA candidate Jeff Cheney will hire his former boss, Martin Beeson, and give him a position of power in that office. It has been reported that the Beesons donated the maximum amount to Mr. Cheney’s campaign. Given that it has been only four short years since the voters threw Martin Beeson out of office, I think it is a fair question to ask my friend Jeff Cheney if he will publicly go on the record and tell the voters that he will or will not offer a job to Martin Beeson should he win.

As for me, I am very happy to support my friend and colleague of 20 years: Chip McCrory. Chip has more prosecution experience than either opponent by far, and his experience as defense counsel gives him insight and wisdom that exceeds the reach of the other two running and, sad but true, also exceeds their grasp, in my opinion. I’ve gained this perspective after 20 years in this district working in the criminal justice system, first as a greenhorn prosecutor, then as a defender of the accused and an advocate for crime victims.

I want positive changes in the DA’s office and I do not want to see Martin Beeson or his ilk return to power. I’m voting for McCrory.

Jeff Wertz

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