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Letter: RFTA tax no “compromise”

I got a pretty good tickle from the May 10 headline titled “RFTA board compromises on property tax proposal for Aspen-area buses.” Then when the reader gets into the article it isn’t until the eighth paragraph that it becomes clear that RFTA compromised with itself.

Now I am not sure this article is biased intentionally or if it just came out that way. The slant seems to be that RFTA is good and we all should vote for the tax increase even though it is only property owners that will pay for it. It reminds me of passing occupancy taxes because someone else as paying them. It is very easy to vote for a tax that you don’t have to pay.

Now, I am not sure that all voters are aware of the effect of higher property taxes on their personal lives. Seniors, long time residents and commercial property owners are aware. Seniors are usually on fixed incomes. Long time residents have seen their assessed values increase, forcing some to move from the area. Commercial owners pay up to five times the tax and may have to sell and/or raise rents.

You can argue that RFTA is good or that it just benefits Aspen residents and the bedroom communities. Raising property taxes is not good in communities with super high rental costs and subsidized housing. RFTA should look to other sources or maybe just finance themselves like other businesses are forced to do.

William Maltby
Glenwood Springs

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