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Letter: Riding the Trump Train

I think we can all assume that the election is over and Hillary will be our next, and the first, woman president. My candidate will have won, but I am sure that I will not be the only one feeling as if we have all just gotten over a bad stomach flu.

I will view having Hillary as our president as a continuation of the relative stability of the last few decades.

At the same time, I have been thinking about the more than 50 million people that will have voted for Donald Trump. They will all deal with the results of the election in their own ways. But I would hope and wish the following; that after a few months go by, they go back a revisit their thinking about the candidate they were supporting.

I have to believe that reasonable people will, with some distance, begin to realize that much of their support for Trump was driven by emotions not based on facts. Hopefully, they will also realize that Mr. Trump was a charlatan that embodied none of what most Republicans or conservatives or voters actually believe in. Any of the other 15 primary opponents had more substance than him.

I feel that what compelled many of Trump’s supporters that stuck with him till the end were trapped by their egos and the inability to admit that they had been sold a bill of goods, and rode the Trump Train right into the ground.

Many people smarter than me are thinking that the future political landscape will be composed of three parties: Democrats, moderate Republicans and then a party of “true believers” on the far right. This might work for a while. Only slightly tongue in cheek, I would propose that the ultimate solution to what divides our country would be to encourage Texas to become the Republic it once was. Oklahoma and Louisiana might want to join. They could have all the guns they want, they could open carry anywhere they want to, they could even strap them to their genitals. It would be wonderful.

David Panico

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