Safety is simple: seat belts |

Safety is simple: seat belts

It takes less effort than a sneeze and takes just about as long.Safe and simple – that’s the simple truth.Buckle up, that’s the simple motto that makes sense.But obviously, it’s a message that so many still aren’t embracing. Recent studies have shown a disturbing trend among young drivers. Around 40 percent of Garfield County drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 aren’t doing the safe and simple move of buckling up. Statewide, the study shows that 70 percent of teens are buckling up. With only 60 percent of Garfield County buckling up, it’s a disturbing trend. What’s more disturbing is that number is down from 64 percent in 2004.Facts don’t lie. Seat belts save lives. It makes complete sense to buckle up.With so much traffic on the highways, there’s more chance for accidents. There have been a number of accidents in Garfield County recently, including a number of fatalities. No one can predict an accident; that’s why motorists should buckle up when they hit the road. That way they have a safety barrier when the road or another car hits back.Young drivers need guidance and the lessons begin with the adults. It starts by example – adults should always buckle up.It’s up to the adults to practice what they preach, then it’s up to them to preach, preach, preach.Fatality accidents have the biggest impact, but it should never get to that. Parents need to remind their children to buckle up when they leave the driveway.It’s up to the parents to get the message across loud and clear before a friend is killed and the message is tragic.It’s safe and simple. Now it’s up to you to make sure the message sinks in; otherwise, another fatal accident will serve as a tragic reminder of the benefits of buckling up.Buckle up – it’s that simple and a safe way to drive.

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