Saturday letters: Problems with two party system, and Dems spending bill |

Saturday letters: Problems with two party system, and Dems spending bill

Impeach the Democratic and Republican parties!

What happened to “We the People,” the Declaration of Independence, and the U. S. Constitution? The two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, made these symbols of democracy disappear. They have subverted the real American Dream of building a real working democracy. Instead, they have torn that dream down. Greed and corruption are the constitution of these two parties.

The pending impeachment of Donald Trump is a teachable moment for all Americans. What did we learn? We learned that the Democrats and the Republicans gave America the two worst presidential candidates in American History, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Over 100 million registered voters stayed home in the 2016 presidential general election. What does that tell you? It tells us that the two major parties have failed America by providing terrible leaders for this country who are corrupt and who believe that they are above the law.

The Democratic and Republican Parties have rigged the voting system so only Democrats and Republicans can be elected. Americans are taxed unfairly to support the primary elections of these two parties. The two major parties need to relinquish control and their ownership of the election system. The Independent voter movement is fighting to give ownership of our election system back to the American people where it rightfully belongs. The Independent voter movement is fighting to regain a national government that is for the people and by the people.

I did not even address voter suppression by the two major parties. I will save that for another time.

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The Trump impeachment should teach us that the two major parties have put America in a dangerous political crisis. If the American people do not fight to change this status quo, then a banner should be hung on the Statue of Liberty that reads:”Welcome to America where democracy is a threat to the Democratic and Republican parties!”

America desperately needs a political revolution! Impeach the Democratic and Republican parties!

Randy Fricke
Founder & Lead Organizer
Western Colorado Independent Voters

Democrats trying to sneak spending bill through before break

Taxpayers, citizens, Americans take heed. While they dazzle us with the ineptitude of impeachment hypocrisy, they be pulling a fast one.

The House Democrats have done nothing until just before the Christmas break. Then they try sneaking a $2 trillion omnibus spending bill through that has more democratic pork in it than Trump will swallow, I hope.

Since impeach is the word of the day, I hope the Donald “impeaches” that bill with a veto.

How Ho Ho.

Bruno Kirchenwitz,

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