Saturday letters: public opinion, food waste |

Saturday letters: public opinion, food waste

Possible life for public opinion in Glenwood

Everyone should be glad that Mayor Johnathan Godes responded in kind in a guest column to “DeFrates column: City not doing enough to engage public on big issues.” At least it establishes a pulse and possible life for public opinion in Glenwood.

Things only improve if true consensus exists. It’s not about getting everyone to agree, but to have people express themselves “in process,” and be heard.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Bringing food waste to landfill will add to city’s revenue stream

There are many good reasons to keep food out of landfills. The first one is the reduction in the creation of methane. The global climate crisis should be in everyone’s mind. 

I would like to point out that the city is on the right track. Landfills make money. The city can use that money to improve compost operations, educate the community about waste issues, and start other diversion programs like electronics collection.

Now that the city has retaken the management of the landfill, it is in compliance and there is a more responsible course of action taking place. The city is again making money at the landfill. 

The next course of action is to get the South Canyon Landfill a USCC STA certification, so that Glenwood’s food waste can be brought to the landfill and added to the revenue stream. We currently make compost, but not with food. It will boost our local economy and create less methane at the South Canyon Landfill. Win, win.

Jennifer Vanian

Glenwood Springs

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