Saturday letters: Reduced speeds, fact-checking Trump, ‘affordable’ housing, Democratic party, and City Council

Reduced speeds keep our kids safe

Senseless and tragic, avoidable. Headlines this week informed us of a crossing guard killed while protecting two elementary children at a school zone cross walk. The crossing guard is dead because the driver … (insert your own justifiable reason, because I can’t think of one).

In Glenwood our reduced speed school zone sign flashes and is in effect from Eighth to 14th streets on Pitkin. Don’t forget our children and young adults also cross Grand Avenue (Highway 82) to access their schools throughout our downtown core. Are you a mindful, present driver?

History does not repeat itself, people repeat history. Learn from this tragedy and commit to connecting to community. Take A Minute /Slow Down in Town.

Diane Reynolds
Take A Minute steering committee member
Glenwood Springs

Fact-checking Trump on immigration and anti-terrorism

In this letter I’ll address the second and third of four statements praising Trump in a Feb. 13 Bruno Kirchenwitz letter to the Post Independent, then address the issue of fact checking.

Bruno stated, “He’s eliminated three of the bloodiest terrorist leaders, actually enforced our immigration laws and …”

Under Obama’s presidency 25 terrorist leaders were killed (“The kill list: Islamic State leaders taken off the battlefield,” LA Times, June 29, 2016), the most notorious being Osama Bin Laden. I’ve found articles on the four killed during the Trump administration, the most consequential being Soleimani. The biggest “production” by Trump was the al-Baghdadi killing.

Trump’s announcement of the al-Bagdadi raid was in stark contrast to Obama’s announcement of the Bin Laden raid. Read the article by Business Insider about the al-Baghdadi killing, “Trump took what could have been the biggest victory of his presidency and turned it into a reality-TV spectacle about himself.”

Business Insider reported in the Oct. 27, 2019 article, “Foreign-policy experts pointed out on Sunday that had the U.S. military not slow-walked Trump’s directive to pull troops from the area, the raid against al-Baghdadi wouldn’t have been possible.” The article also notes that in addition to troop presence in Syria, the al-Baghdadi raid depended on Kurd support and the U.S. intelligence community, all three factors Trump tried to undermine.

On immigration laws, the Obama administration deported 1.18 million in his first three years. Trump’s administration deported 800,000 in his first three years. Obama’s administration removed an average of 1.38% of the interior illegal immigrant population per year. So far Trump’s administration has averaged 0.83%.

Most Republicans don’t need facts. And most of those are in the mindless-follower category. “That behavior is very typical of a cult,” said cult and extremist groups expert Dr. Janja Lalich. Even retiring Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) said he’s worried his party was “becoming a cultish thing.”

Kirk Huyser
Glenwood Springs

Hurting the ‘Paradise of Colorado’

How much does a person have to earn to pay $2,300 a month rent? Well, if one was to figure it out, there would be nothing left for eating, a pet, medical expenses or, heaven forbid, entertainment. Of course, you would have a roof over your head.

These rental prices are prohibiting single, good people from taking jobs in this area. We don’t have well-educated, capable people able to take jobs here. They can’t make the money work out. The small business owner cannot afford to pay $35-45 per hour, benefits, etc. to have qualified employees.

Glenwood, wake up… look around you. All businesses and entrepreneurs, who make Glenwood the unique location it has been for years, are suffering. They are being forced to close. In a lot of cases, to leave Glenwood.

Rentals have no middle. It is like the curve grading scale — no middle. It has $2,300–$3,500. Where’s the middle and lower? Answer, there is none.
I feel like someone needs to look up the meaning of affordable.

Quit trying to become Warren Buffet overnight by overcharging on rentals and properties owned. You’re hurting the people that do and would make Glenwood the “Paradise of Colorado.”

Joyce L. Gornick

Democratic party is diminished

As a lifelong Democrat, it’s embarrassing to see the party diminish from a humanistic, moral flagship to a minor, dishonest sect. In place of belonging to a party that’s equivalent to a sect, the resort is to go with the people to the Republican representatives who are more focused and realistic. Kind of a reversal. There is an explanation.

As in physics, matter and energy cannot be destroyed, they just change form. It follows in living. If you live long enough, you see it for yourself. Democrats have lost perspective with political correctness, (puritanism) that’s morphed into buying the media and pandering for votes.

This is dishonest. To deny one’s self of prior values and notions altogether, is superficial, insincere, and dishonest. The worst thing is using these values to judge and condemn others. That’s what’s wrong with the Democrats.

Sure smoking is bad, but notice how it’s a lost psychological and social bonding tool that in its absence has ripped tiny, vital parts of our culture and humanity away. Same way with drinking, gambling, dancing, sex, music, etc. These all have to continually be acknowledged, balanced and integrated into new, creative forms. That’s the challenge for Democrats. If this challenge is not accepted, the world will be bleak and unbalanced, and make bigger issues like global warming, moot.

Fred Stewart,
Grand Junction

Want? or need?

Glenwood Springs City Council: please understand the difference between want and need.

Back in the 1900s, Glenwood Springs was pretty sleepy — and dreamy.

Now? It’s becoming a nightmare. And all due to City Council decisions.

Apparently, there is some sort of “emergency” to provide (more affordable) housing. But the real question is — where is the emergency?

Thanks to the “marketing machine” of the Chamber, the Post Independent (snap photos etc.), marketing websites, etc., everybody wants to live here… but they do not need to live here. Hanging Lake was basically destroyed due to this marketing. Same with Maroon Bells, Conundrum Hot Springs, Marble. The list goes on.

And what do the marketers do? They say, “Let’s keep the machine rolling and get even more people to visit (but eventually want to live) here.”

At some point (like now) we just need to say no! Wake up and realized that there is no emergency! The more people you add to the equation means more teachers, firemen and policemen. So there is your need. But if left alone… you do not need more of any of these additions. Huh! Doh! Really? Go figure.

The abundance of “Downtown Denver” apartments plopping up in every available space makes me want to puke. Goodbye Glenwood – hello Denver! Nice! And the rents are outrageous to boot. Go figure.

The deer and elk populations are declining. I wonder why?

Then just today I see a real estate ad in the Post Independent touting the Boy Scout Trail area is a “unique downtown development opportunity.” From an agent that was from Vail, Summit, and now Aspen. Yah-hoo! Not!
And the confluence? Keep it as open space and no development (but you won’t).

City Council — please… reel it in. Stop it. Halt. Stop the destruction.

Dave Heyliger
Glenwood Springs

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