School board needs to answer some questions |

School board needs to answer some questions

With all due respect, I feel it is the school board’s responsibility to get accurate information out to the public. It is my opinion that the entire controversy was started by a serious lack of highly visible information.

I have several questions I would like to have answered by the Re-1 school board:

1. Rob Jones of Glenwood Gymnastics Academy has proposed a solution of a land trade with the bus barn property. There is plenty of space, and seems an excellent solution for his business. Please tell us why the board says no.

2. The school board has put many years into is current plan. Please tell us why the relocation committee has yet to meet in its entirety with Rob Jones, True Value managers and Jeff Isaacson.

3. Also, why weren’t these above persons offered years of advance notice?

4. Why doesn’t the school board own even one copy of its touted survey with 76 percent approval of the current site plan? Why is it not available to the public? How many people were surveyed? What was the question? How many people knew the consequences of the answer to the question?

5. Did the survey team decide we need a third gym in our school, which has the capacity to hold two basketball games simultaneously? My school’s graduating class of 400 still does not have a gym that size. Elimination could prove pivotal in perfecting and creating square footage.

6. How much will Glenwood Springs residents’ taxes go up because of the loss of 1 million non-residual dollars revenue from True Value?

7. Please tell us why the Bray Building stays in the middle of our state-of-the-art school.

8. Please tell me, why do we need a coffee bar in our high school? Who is the vendor?

9. Please tell us why adding more stories doesn’t add more square feet?

10. Please tell us how the architect procured figures that the design takes over 1,000 cars off Grand Avenue per day.

11. Please tell us why the art room is upstairs where heavy materials are used on a daily basis?

12. Please tell us why the school ignores the geothermal heating and cooling that has no monthly utilities, as used in the new mall plan. And instead chooses archaic HVAC with expensive gas prices.

13. The new elementary school is $18,000 over budget before the survey is even in. Who is asking questions about why? How much is too much to this board?

14. Please tell us why the school board can’t rent somewhere else. The current Board building could be a perfect science center, money saver.

15. There is still time to reconsider this plan and not lose any bond monies. It is up to you. Please put down your pride and get in touch with the heartbeat of this community.

Jennifer Vanian is a resident of Glenwood Springs.

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