Strawberry Days — time to experiment |

Strawberry Days — time to experiment

Randy Essex
Randy Essex

I’ve been contemplating strawberries.

How could I avoid it? I missed Strawberry Days the first 116 times, so I’m looking forward to my first taste of Glenwood Springs’ premier festival this week.

Then Friday night’s full moon got all kinds of press, since June’s “Strawberry Moon” hadn’t fallen on a Friday the 13th since 1919.

It was a sign, I’m sure, to pay renewed attention to strawberries. So a little research gave me the good news that in an evaluation based on common serving sizes, strawberries came out third among all common U.S. foods for their antioxidant properties.

A European study also indicates that strawberries can lower cholesterol. The only challenge there is that the study volunteers ate half a kilogram a day — a bit more than a pound.

I like strawberries, my LDL is borderline high and I’m loathe to take prescription drugs. But a pound a day? At least it’s not kale. And does anybody have Kale Days? Bring the kids to that one. (Actually, there is a National Kale Day, but I think no parades.)

I’d rather be in a place that celebrates strawberries, even if they aren’t a big crop here anymore, as I hear they were in 1898, when it all started.

To help mark the town party, the Post Independent will test some new digital coverage techniques as we move more aggressively toward being a modern information source.

I’m not completely sure this will work, so it’s a little risky to invite you to do this, but: On Saturday during the parade, we plan to use an online service called Cover It Live to put photos and social media comments from the parade on You can tweet photos from the parade to include. Use the hashtag #strawberrydays and join the experiment.

Reporter Will Grandbois (@wgrandbois) and I (@randyessex) will be feeding photos and comments into the stream. This will be the first time the PI has used Cover It Live.

We also will strive to publish an edited video of the parade on Saturday afternoon, which wouldn’t be a first for our website but will be the first staff-produced video in at least some time.

I’m pretty sure it won’t win an Emmy, but it’s a step toward providing information in ways that we couldn’t a few years ago. That’s important. No newspaper is just a newspaper anymore. Just as Strawberry Days has evolved from a family-oriented event that a rough Western community needed and a way to promote local produce, the PI will evolve to provide multimedia coverage of events in our communities.

It’s better than kale, I swear.

Randy Essex is editor of the Post Independent. Reach him at ressex@postindependent.

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