Sunday Letters: Red Mountain Cross, and government check

Pray for our leadership, and each other

You will notice the cross overlooking Glenwood Springs has been lit! Our group is extremely sensitive to lighting the cross, and you’ve all noted it is usually for a short time, corresponding to specific holidays. We are lighting the Red Mountain Cross as a reminder to all, that during these uncharted times of uncertainty, we know there is a loving and mighty God looking over us. Let it also be a reminder that we can look to Him for our strength and reassurance.

Let’s continue to pray for our leadership, and each other.

Red Mountain Cross Preservation Association
Glenwood Springs

Donate your government check

The government will most likely be sending checks to everyone who filed 2018 tax returns and made less than a certain set income. Some people who get these checks have recently become unemployed, others are still receiving an income.

Future dispersements may be based on unemployment rolls, but until then I suggest that those who are receiving an income do some good with the government bonanza. Help out an unemployed relative, friend or neighbor. Pay someone’s rent or car payment, give money to a restaurant to give free meals to their former employees and others, donate to a food bank. I am sure you can think of numerous other ways to help out recently unemployed hotel workers, restaurant and bar servers, substitute teachers, ski area workers and myriad others. We are all in this together.

Mary Sokol,
New Castle

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