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Letter: Support A&I tax

We want to take the liberty of sharing our support for our local ballot measures 2H and 2I. We believe passage of these measures is critical to Glenwood’s future as a wonderful place to live and visit. The past 20 years of the Acquisitions and Improvements tax has brought outstanding value and projects to our town.

The future benefits in terms of quality, connectivity, arts and activities and infrastructure are huge. Whether or not you favor every possible project or expenditure of the tax (already existing, not an increase) the overall benefit to our town is of great magnitude and impossible, in our opinion, to ignore or deny.

So if you share our support and goals for Glenwood, we hope you will support the ballot measures and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. It is important to pass both — the authorization for the continuation of the A&I tax and the ability to bond so money is available for large projects as needed. 2H & 2I offer so much for so many of us and for our visitors.

Sumner Schachter and Michele Diamond
Glenwood Springs

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