Fricke column: The doomsday election and what’s next |

Fricke column: The doomsday election and what’s next

Donald J. Trump won the 2016 presidential election based on the Electoral College results even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Many opinions have been expressed as to why Trump won and Clinton lost by election experts and those of us sitting around the kitchen table scratching our heads. I surveyed many news sources on this subject. I found that the “PBS Newshour” provided the best analysis of this election.

What stood out was the fact that 14 states have new, restrictive voting laws, including Ohio and Wisconsin. One analyst saw data that rural white voting surged and voters in impoverished areas in large cities stayed away from the polls. Thus the minorities and the poor did not vote. This threatened and disenfranchised feeling is un-American.

This election was a huge mixed bag of so many reasons why Trump won. Overall, somewhere in this range of 41-45 percent of the eligible voters in America stayed home on Election Day. Obviously, apathy in general was widespread across America but for good reason. CNN said this was the lowest voter turnout in 20 years.

The mainstream media or corporate media can be blamed for Trump’s victory more than any other reason. According to a recent study of this election by a Harvard professor, the mainstream media failed in their responsibility to report real substance during the presidential campaign. The study confirmed that Sen. Bernie Sanders was the only candidate that stayed on his message consistently.

The corporate media chose to black out the Sanders campaign. The mudslinging of Trump’s and Clinton’s constant controversy became the more important campaign news. Trump saw the success of his approach early and was able to steer the political conversation his way and keep the media off balance. This was the art of the deal for Trump.

It was obvious that the media could not handle Trump’s style of campaigning. In a nutshell, the corporate news media became political tabloids on a daily basis. As a result of this behavior and the corporate media bias toward Clinton, the major news networks, some major newsprint media and their political news personnel lost a tremendous amount of credibility. The corporate mainstream media failed the American people.

Should the Electoral College be eliminated? Why should swing states matter? If the popular vote does not count, then I say yes. We now have two major examples of how the Electoral College is not democratic.

Not only did the corporate news media fail America, the Democratic and Republican parties failed America. These two political parties brought us two of the most controversial and corrupt candidates in American history. This is what we got.

Trump got lucky. The Republicans got lucky with a candidate that they did not want. There is no mandate from this election for Trump or the Republicans. However, Trump and the Republicans will assume that it is a mandate for them to destroy the environment, repeal Obamacare, dismantle Medicare and Social Security and give large tax breaks to their corporate buddies and pharmaceutical companies. We can only sit back and watch day by day as Trump and the Republicans finish destroying America. This was the doomsday election for America.

There is competition among the media to gain the inside track to the Trump presidency. They are now beginning the process of normalizing Trump and his new administration for the rest of America. Waves of brainwashing America by the corporate news media are about to commence. There will be nothing to normalize. There will be nothing normal about Donald J. Trump and his presidency.

Even though many of us suffered through the corrupt process of this recent election, let this election serve as a major wake-up call to millions of Americans who feel betrayed and oppressed by establishment politics. It is up to us, we the people, to move America into a future where there are no corrupt political parties, no corporate influence and no racial, religious or social bias. We must win America back. This is the new revolution that we must work toward.

Randy Fricke lives in New Castle. He is an environmental advocate and a political activist and the author of “If I Were President/Saving Main Street America.”

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