The ‘experts’ aren’t always the right people to represent you |

The ‘experts’ aren’t always the right people to represent you

David Blazier Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

We are no longer a Christian society. We have become a nation composed of experts, and we are failing at our task: To take care of ourselves and our community. This situation is the cause of our shortage of housing; this is the cause of labor and management challenges throughout the region. This is the cause of our traffic dilemmas.Ask an “expert” about the pricing of homes and rentals in Glenwood Springs and that person will say either of three things every time:1) Get a higher-paying job.2) Work harder.3) Move away, no one is forcing you to live here.I had one expert, a contractor, give me an enlightened answer: “Can you build a home yourself? Then why would you expect the government to do it for you?”It is impossible for anyone to know everything. As a nation of experts, we sometimes fail to see the bigger picture.Instead we see our own interests, our own experiences, and our own goals. It is difficult for us to imagine the lives of others, and as trained professionals, we do not realize our community would be more successful if we worked together, accepted new ideas, and if we were receptive to change.All social creatures, such as the family of mankind, their survival depends on innovation and evolution as a group in order to adapt to a constantly changing environment. We, as a small community, must change our systems on occasion, listen to the new ideas of others, and we must work together to accomplish every necessary and needed change effectively. We must do this if we are to survive as a group, or else we must separate and scatter.Perhaps we need now a little new thinking to solve the “unsolvable.” Maybe depending always on a room full of “experts in government” is not the most efficient way toward a solution for our social problems.I know that when I watch a political debate, I watch for the candidates’ mistakes, and I look for everything wrong about them until I say: “Ah, ha! He/She is not good enough!” Then I check the voting ballot for the expert, or for the person who seems the most professional. Usually they disappoint me in the end. This is because democracy was not meant to operate this way. Politicians are not omnipresent angels, nor are they God. They are people, and they cannot know everything or solve every problem. They need your ideas to govern best. This is called Representative Democracy and it is the system we use for government on all levels in the United States. It is a system that is failing because, simply, we assume the experts will always have a solution. There are two recent articles (Oct. 10 and Oct. 11) written in Roaring Fork Valley newspapers about me and my campaign (Aspen Daily News and the Post Independent). There are two city councilmen quoted in these articles who are very vocal about my qualifications for public office. These articles are written by persons who you may consider to be experts at what they do. These professionals then quote the two councilmen – who are also considered experts at what they do. This group of experts assume you will listen to them, and that you will believe them because of their expertise. I believe that this is a dangerous way to run an election, and that this is a faulty means by which to make decisions for the formation of a government. I am certain that the thought has never occurred to these gentlemen that I had planned this public, newsprint crucifixion of myself many years before. It may now occur to no one that I allowed this degradation of my character and entire self to prove one thing, and to get my messages and ideas to you as quickly as possible: A government by elected experts will solve very few of our social problems, however it will produce the destruction of a person or an entire society in order to maintain for its members their perceived status and power.The message was always clear for those who would see. I am here to help you. I am here to work for you. I am here to represent you honestly.All is forgotten now about my system for a housing and day care program that will not produce substandard neighborhoods, harm families nor drive the city’s residents bankrupt. What we hear now is simply a chatter. David is this, David J. Blazier is that. Who will we vote for now? You can certainly vote in this election for me. You may see then that the experts are not always the most qualified to participate in your government. You may see that some people could arrive unexpected, but eventually they become a welcome guest. You may see that they will become a guest whom you would forever like to have return.

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