The grief of a mother |

The grief of a mother

Wendi Robyn
Special to the Post Independent

As the mother of Taylor DeMarco, reporters have been asking me for statements and after yesterday’s preliminary hearing I think I have few things to say.

First of all, I would like to express my extreme disappointment in the media portraying Eric Stoneman as an innocent child that had a horrible accident, even after Eric Warde’s testimony stating he was afraid of Stoneman that day and hid in the bathroom right along with Taylor. Even he had a sense something bad was going to happen, as reflected in Stoneman’s voice, which is proof of the torment Stoneman put my son and his friend through. How can an “innocent person” threaten to return to Warde’s home with a gun, actually return with one, point the gun at two boys, threatening to kill them, chase them into another room and threaten to shoot out the door and then actually shoot one of them and killing him call it an accident? How is that possible? His moment of clarity occurred after the incident. That is when realization set in. Even now I don’t think Stoneman realizes the true ramifications of what he has done.

The fact that the traumatized witness to this crime has wavered in his statements is not as concerning to me as the facts. I would like to invite anyone to recall an exact conversation verbatim that you have had in a traumatic situation. Warde was afraid he was in trouble maybe for letting Stoneman in the house. There may be fear and guilt associated with that. He did not know how all this would affect him. Anyone would recall of certain aspects he forgot. He is in fact just as much a victim as my son was.

The facts remain the same. Stoneman threatened to kill Taylor, he went home, he got a gun, and he in fact killed Taylor. It is convenient for him to point a gun at someone, take the safety off and pull the trigger and say, “Well I never thought I would kill him or the gun would really fire.” Someone who plays Russian roulette knows there is a risk.

I did not have as much issue with Stoneman smiling while hugging his mother as much as him smirking and smiling while the deputy sheriffs and Eric Warde were testifying. It is a good indication for the lack of respect and the lack of remorse in his heart. He is center stage and getting more attention than he has probably ever had his whole life. And in some weird sort of way, maybe now he has what he has wanted from his mother, as his comments to Amy Chappelle stated, “Will my mom still love me?” They can be a happy family now with him out of the house and incarcerated.

I ask his mother: Do you want him back home with you? Even though you felt the need to keep a gun under your bed for protection from him, do you want him back in your house? I think the affection was inappropriate to the situation. I think your visitation should be restricted to the juvenile hall where he is residing, instead of hugging your son in front of the family whose son has been murdered by yours. I will never hug my son on this earth again. I do believe your son will pay for his crime if not on this earth but in eternity. I think I may be reaching the stage of grief called anger after all.

Wendi Robyn is the mother Taylor DeMarco, who was killed on July 20 in Battlement Mesa.

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