The spirit of new health |

The spirit of new health

anti-aging secretsby nina Schnipper

‘Tis the season to be indulgent. Then we resolve to undo those indulgences. The holiday season negatively impacts our health, but the New Year represents a brilliant future.Or do they? Believe it or not, both the holiday season and the New Year play a similar role in the improvement of our health. Many factors contribute to our health goals. To make a program truly successful, however, you must make a spiritual connection to your health.The first step toward better health is looking deeper inside ourselves and acknowledging our greatness. We are all great creatures, put here to accomplish great things. We are powerful, and divine. Our body possesses wisdom, strength, and the ability to heal itself.Sadly, many Americans are disconnected from their spiritual selves. We often feel trapped in a physical body which does not look, feel, or act like we think it should. How often do we think our bodies are great? How often do we make spiritual connections to the foods we eat, and exercises we practice?When we take the time to connect our spiritual bodies with our physical bodies, we can then expect powerful changes. How do we make those deeper connections to our health?Health is a journey. If you wish to live a long and healthy life, free from disease, you must learn and practice. Greet your spiritual self. Learn from friends and groups. Read books, and listen to personal development programs. Pray and meditate. Affirm that you are put here to accomplish greatness. Start to explore your sense of purpose. Create a vision for your life.That’s plenty of work so far, isn’t it? Here are more specific pointers to help you get started on your quest:Get a coach, and a team. Surround yourself with people who support your goals. Consult with a fitness trainer for exercise and lifestyle instruction. Start a group with others who have similar goals.Also, break the habit of “deficit thinking.” Instead, think in positive terms. Instead of feeling deprived, add more healthy actions to your day. “Today, I will walk five blocks at lunch time. Today, I will take 10 minutes of private time for myself.”You are divine, capable of greatness. You possess the strength to resist the sickness that is everywhere in our society. Begin to ask yourself, “Is this (action) going to assist me in reaching my goals? If I eat this, will it contribute to the pursuit of my highest self?”If you overlook this spiritual component or doubt your greatness, your program will not succeed. Allow the light of the holidays to illuminate your greatness.This part of the journey is difficult, but there is a simple formula to follow. Learn it, and practice. Repeat.Next time, we will explore goal setting. You can prepare to learn how to set goals that get results.Nina Schnipper provides massage, nutrition and weight control programs, and fitness training. If you have questions, call her at 948-0179.Nina Schnipper provides massage, nutrition and weight control programs, and fitness training. If you have questions, call her at 948-0179.

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